Texas Chainsaw Mantis is now Available on Amazon!

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Today’s the big day, gang! The FINAL #MantisMonday of 2015! Did I push that to the last minute or what? TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is here! The BRAND NEW novel by Kevin Strange is out! It’s live on Amazon! It’s in both print and Kindle formats for your preferred reading experience!

Synopsis:┬áPraying Mantises have evolved into the dominant species on Earth, having wiped out humans years ago after a genetic experiment evolved the species into man-sized, super intelligent insects. But they don’t just roam the planet aimlessly. The Mantises have taken over our jobs. Kept the generators running, the oil pumping, and the economy in place.

They’re people, just like us …Except that they’re cannibalistic, blood thirsty nymphomaniacs who love biting the heads off their partners while they mate.

Matthew is a high school history teacher. He does his best to educate the young mantises and tame the savage side of their nature, until the day he comes home to find his wife ready to mate. Anyone who knows anything about Mantises knows that mating is a death sentence for males of the species. But when Matthew’s wife partially decapitates him during sex, he crawls out to the woodshed to die, only to find an old haunted chainsaw, possessed by the spirit of his home’s dead human owner, who just happens to be an occult sorcerer and serial killer known as The Growler’s Phantom. Now resurrected, Matthew vows revenge on his murderous wife, and her new husband Nicko as well as anyone else who gets in his path.

Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Evil Dead, pray this mantis doetexaschainsawbanner02sn’t find you next!

Man it’s been a long time coming, bros. Almost 14 months between this new book and my last one. It’s been a rough year full of some SHITTY happenings, some great happenings, some loves lost, my heart broken, my bank account busted, my brain piece pushed to the limit emotionally and physically. But I toughed that shit out! I sat at the writing desk (or in that McDonald’s lobby) every day like a champ and I put words to paper, hell or high water.

This ain’t an easy job. Fuck no it’s not! Some days you have to force it, some days it flows easy as water and makes you feel like a god. But the demons always come after you at night. Am I good enough? Will anyone even read it? Are those awards and nominations and five star reviews a fluke? Am I a phony? Will they find me out?

Even as I release my NINTH book, I have these fears. It’s silly, I know, but it’s all part of the job of an author. A novelist. You sit with your art for months, over a year in this case! And nobody, NOBODY sees it but you! Can you imagine? Fuck it’s tough but when you’re finished and that sucker goes live and your fans start buying it, reading it, reviewing it! That’s a feeling better than sex!

What? No. No it isn’t. Not even close. ­čśë haha But it’s still a GREAT feeling! And it’s here! TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS! My ultra violent bug sex love story. I hope you like it!



Read the Second Excerpt from TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS!


Gang! #MantisMonday is upon us! Today brings forth the second excerpt from Kevin Strange’s forthcoming novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS! And don’t worry if you missed the first excerpt, we’re gonna hook you up with that, too!

This excerpt explores a fever dream by our protagonist, Matty the #ChainsawMantis. In it, he finds himself back inside of this ootheca. His birth sac. As he struggles to free himself from his mother’s sac, 200 of his hungry, cannibalistic brothers and sisters are emerging as well. Worse, they may not be alone inside the sacred birthing chamber…

Enjoy this little teaser taste gang! We’ve got ONE more excerpt coming your way before the release of the mighty 8th novel by cult storyslinger Kevin Straaaaaaaange!

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Texas Chainsaw Mantis Cover Reveal!

This has been a LONG time coming, gang. This may be the longest I’ve gone between full length projects in years. I’ve spent this whole year thinking long and hard about the next phase of my career and where and how I want my fiction to be presented.

I eventually made the decision to release this book in particular myself. I’ve always worked best as my own boss, doing my own hustle and putting myself on from all the way back in the Hack Movies days.

Anyway, once I made the decision to do TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS myself, I knew I had to work with my all time favorite weird cover artist, Jim Agpalza. I got to meet him last year at Bizarrocon and vowed then to do a project with him in the near future. And this is IT, gang! Here it is. After all the talk and song and dance, here’s the cover of the forthcoming novel from Kevin Strange, edited by Sean Ferrari, TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS with cover art by the legendary Jim Agpalza!

Chainsaw Mantis (Colored)4

Synopsis: TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is the story of an anthropomorphic man-sized praying mantis named Matthew whose head is partially eaten off by his wife after a love-making session. Matthew barely escapes with his life, only to stumble into the lair of a serial killer whose consciousness is trapped inside a chainsaw.

Together, Matthew and the disembodied spirit of this┬ánotorious human serial killer called The Growler Phantom vow revenge on Matthew’s wife Zelda and her new lover Nicko. But all is not as it seems, and soon mantis blood and cum flow freely as the Growler Phantom inches one step closer to unleashing the powers of the cosmos upon the unsuspecting mantis world with each victim that falls under the blades of Matthew’s chainsaw!

TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS will be released through Amazon.com and KevinTheStrange.com in Kindle and Paperback formats this fall!