Texas Chainsaw Mantis Cover Reveal!

This has been a LONG time coming, gang. This may be the longest I’ve gone between full length projects in years. I’ve spent this whole year thinking long and hard about the next phase of my career and where and how I want my fiction to be presented.

I eventually made the decision to release this book in particular myself. I’ve always worked best as my own boss, doing my own hustle and putting myself on from all the way back in the Hack Movies days.

Anyway, once I made the decision to do TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS myself, I knew I had to work with my all time favorite weird cover artist, Jim Agpalza. I got to meet him last year at Bizarrocon and vowed then to do a project with him in the near future. And this is IT, gang! Here it is. After all the talk and song and dance, here’s the cover of the forthcoming novel from Kevin Strange, edited by Sean Ferrari, TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS with cover art by the legendary Jim Agpalza!

Chainsaw Mantis (Colored)4

Synopsis: TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is the story of an anthropomorphic man-sized praying mantis named Matthew whose head is partially eaten off by his wife after a love-making session. Matthew barely escapes with his life, only to stumble into the lair of a serial killer whose consciousness is trapped inside a chainsaw.

Together, Matthew and the disembodied spirit of this¬†notorious human serial killer called The Growler Phantom vow revenge on Matthew’s wife Zelda and her new lover Nicko. But all is not as it seems, and soon mantis blood and cum flow freely as the Growler Phantom inches one step closer to unleashing the powers of the cosmos upon the unsuspecting mantis world with each victim that falls under the blades of Matthew’s chainsaw!

TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS will be released through Amazon.com and KevinTheStrange.com in Kindle and Paperback formats this fall!

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