The Complete Kevin Strange Collection

*ANNOUNCEMENT* For the first time ever, the entire Strangeville Stonerverse exists under one roof! The Complete Kevin Strange Collection on Patreon features all 7 of my films, all 18 of my novels and short story collections, and all 10 of my graphic novels and comic books! 
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I’ve also posted the cover for my brand new comic THE WIZARD OF GANJ, and once finished, it will be posted to the Patreon before anywhere else! 
Please consider dropping them dollars on my well deserving face-piece, gang! Become a Patron of the Strange today!

Strange Bless America 35% Off Paperback Sale!

Strangeheads! You know how much we love FREEDOM in Strangeville! The 4th of July is one of our favorite holidays. We may be slobbering weirdos but we’re AMERICAN slobbering weirdos!

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