Beetle Brain Pre-Order Now Available

Gang! Holy shit! It’s finally here! Just six short months after the release of Kevin Strange’s weird mutant romance novel I Died In A Bed Of Roses comes his return to the world of extreme horror fiction with his brand new novel Beetle Brain!

If you’re a fan of the hardcore shit, I mean the full-on murder sex, ultra-violent, nonstop gorefests, this is the book for you! It’s also Kevin’s longest novel to date, clocking in just shy of 45,000 words. That’s 203 pages of big tits, sharp talons and bucket after bucket of bodily fluid.

And now, for a limited time, you can own this tome of concentrated death-jizz signed, personalized AND shipped to you for a mere 15 dollars if you buy the pre-order in the Strange Fiction Square store.

But this wouldn’t be a Kevin Strange novel pre-sale without some kind of Strangehead hookup, now would it? Of course not! So if you pre-order Beetle Brain in the next week, you’ll get another Kevin Strange novel absolutely free! Just list which book from the Strange Fiction catalog you’d like alongside the new freshness in the comments upon checkout. It’s that easy! Then, on September 1st, we’ll ship your books to you.

You ready to get weird, gang? Pre-order Beetle Brain now!

New Kevin Strange Novel BEETLE BRAIN Cover Reveal!

Gang! While internet radio hosts continue to ask me for interviews then call me a failure when I deny their requests, I’ve been working HARD behind the scenes here in the Strangeville science labs concocting THE MOST depraved and weird novel I’ve ever written.

No bullshit.

And for a book this fucked up, I could think of no other artist to commission for the cover than the creator of Carnigor himself, Will Skaar! He did my last book cover for I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES which blew the dicks right off the Strangeheads. Well, Will is BACK with the BEETLE BRAIN cover!

First the synopsis:

“BEETLE BRAIN is the story of Sue Ellen, a strung out stripper who inadvertently becomes the queen of planet Earth when a cult of giant beetle worshiping masochists christens her the matriarch of a race of ancient bug-monsters who have been living beneath the surface of the Earth for millennia waiting for the opportunity to ascend and consume all life above ground.  

The only problem is, Sue Ellen is possibly the dumbest girl in the whole world. 

BEETLE BRAIN is a return to the extreme horror genre for two-time Wonderland Award nominee Kevin Strange and FOR SURE one of the sickest, sexiest and brain-bent novels he’s ever written. If you like the messed up shit, DO NOT sleep on BEETLE BRAIN. Coming Soon ONLY from”

And now the cover art!


BEETLE BRAIN will be available on Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon as well as signed, personalized and shipped directly from me online through my Square Store VERY SOON!

Help Make January 20th “Buy Chainsaw Mantis Day”

What’s up, gang. Listen we’re trying something new this month. Typically I’m a slow starter when it comes to new social media tools, but I’m trying to get in front of this new one called Thunderclap, and utilize it to help us get my new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS onto the top 100 horror sellers list on Amazon. In other words, I’m making a “Buy Chainsaw Mantis Day”.

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The only catch is on my end. If I don’t get 100 backers (again for FREE) by noon on the 20th, our campaign will fail and the message won’t get blasted out on social media. We’re already 38% backed, but we really REALLY need your help to get the remaining backers so our plan works.

I’m super proud of this book and getting into the top 100 horror books on Amazon will put it in front of a LOT more eyeballs than it is right now. Again, this is no cost to you. You’re just letting Thunderclap blast a message out using your social media. No catch.

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