Help Make January 20th “Buy Chainsaw Mantis Day”

What’s up, gang. Listen we’re trying something new this month. Typically I’m a slow starter when it comes to new social media tools, but I’m trying to get in front of this new one called Thunderclap, and utilize it to help us get my new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS onto the top 100 horror sellers list on Amazon. In other words, I’m making a “Buy Chainsaw Mantis Day”.

All Thunderclap does is use our Facebook or Twitter accounts (totally for free) to blast out a message all at once from all our backers at the same time on the same day. It’s totally safe to let FB and Twitter use your account for Thunderclap. It’s legit. Click here to back our post. 

And we’re going to use it to direct all our friends and followers to on January 20th at the exact same time to a page that will link them to buy the book. THAT’S REALLY ALL IT IS!

The only catch is on my end. If I don’t get 100 backers (again for FREE) by noon on the 20th, our campaign will fail and the message won’t get blasted out on social media. We’re already 38% backed, but we really REALLY need your help to get the remaining backers so our plan works.

I’m super proud of this book and getting into the top 100 horror books on Amazon will put it in front of a LOT more eyeballs than it is right now. Again, this is no cost to you. You’re just letting Thunderclap blast a message out using your social media. No catch.

And you help me push my book to Amazon readers! Isn’t that awesome? So let’s get this thing moving, gang! Share this post and share the Thunderclap link, and if you haven’t backed the campaign yet, PLEASE do so now by clicking the pic below! Thanks a bunch!!!


Read the Second Excerpt from TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS!


Gang! #MantisMonday is upon us! Today brings forth the second excerpt from Kevin Strange’s forthcoming novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS! And don’t worry if you missed the first excerpt, we’re gonna hook you up with that, too!

This excerpt explores a fever dream by our protagonist, Matty the #ChainsawMantis. In it, he finds himself back inside of this ootheca. His birth sac. As he struggles to free himself from his mother’s sac, 200 of his hungry, cannibalistic brothers and sisters are emerging as well. Worse, they may not be alone inside the sacred birthing chamber…

Enjoy this little teaser taste gang! We’ve got ONE more excerpt coming your way before the release of the mighty 8th novel by cult storyslinger Kevin Straaaaaaaange!

Click Here to Read Excerpt Number 1

Click Here to Read Excerpt Number 2

Read the First Chapter of Texas Chainsaw Mantis!

It’s here, gang! The first chapter of my new novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is straight up chilling inside this month’s STRANGE SAYINGS Newsletter which you can subscribe to by filling out the small form to the right of this post on But if you hate newsletters or are just too damn lazy to get an email once a month with fresh new Kevin Strange flavor in each and every issue, we’ve got you covered!

Just Click the link below to read this month’s newsletter without subscribing, ya lazy bastard! Be sure to come back and let us know what you think of the origin of Matty The #ChainsawMantis’s haunted chainsaw head!

The full novel drops next month! GET HYPED and Stay Strange!


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