Read the Second Excerpt from TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS!


Gang! #MantisMonday is upon us! Today brings forth the second excerpt from Kevin Strange’s forthcoming novel TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS! And don’t worry if you missed the first excerpt, we’re gonna hook you up with that, too!

This excerpt explores a fever dream by our protagonist, Matty the #ChainsawMantis. In it, he finds himself back inside of this ootheca. His birth sac. As he struggles to free himself from his mother’s sac, 200 of his hungry, cannibalistic brothers and sisters are emerging as well. Worse, they may not be alone inside the sacred birthing chamber…

Enjoy this little teaser taste gang! We’ve got ONE more excerpt coming your way before the release of the mighty 8th novel by cult storyslinger Kevin Straaaaaaaange!

Click Here to Read Excerpt Number 1

Click Here to Read Excerpt Number 2

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