Gang! We said we were gonna do it and we DAMN WELL DID IT! DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK issue 1 is LIVE on IndieGoGo and waiting for your fat and meaty wallets to open up and spit out money dollars on our little campaign!

Click here to buy this 32-page, full-color, wall-to-wall zombie comedy adaptation of my 2007 flick and Tromadance official selection of the same name!

Why should you back the comic on a crowd-funding site instead of buying it directly from this website like you do all the other books and DVDs?

Simple! Crowd-funding is fun as fuck! We’ve got all kinds of cool tiers to choose from that you wouldn’t get just from buying a comic. There’s a tier to get a special shout-out video message from Nixon and Hogan. There’s a tier to get original 11×17 pencil art along with your comic. There’s even a tier to get a custom watercolor painting of Nixon and Hogan commissioned straight from Kevin Strange!

Act now cause this campaign ends April 17th!

Exclusive Kindle Cover Version of JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK Now Available!

The new-new keeps coming this summer, gang! We’ve got a Kindle exclusive cover reveal for you today. Kevin Strange’s brand new weird sword and sorcery tale JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK, the first “single” from his upcoming JORECK collection THE STRANGE SAGA OF JORECK THE BARBARIAN gets a brand new cover exclusively for the Kindle version!

If digital eBooks are your jam, you get to rock the SWAMP PHANTOMS in style with this sick 1960s/70s fantasy cover throwback featuring a Reeg warrior in full on battle mode!

SWAMP PHANTOMS is on sale right now for a cool 99 cents over on Amazon so check out this SICK new cover and pick up yours today! Click here to buy SWAMP PHANTOMS with the exclusive new cover!

Synopsis: Joreck the barbarian and his weird motley crew of alien warriors must trek through the haunted swamps of dreaded Ikk to find their blood brother Orilious who has mysteriously gone missing.

But what if Orilious doesn’t want to be found?

Lovers of adult-oriented sword and sorcery are going to LOVE this series and this book in particular. That’s why Kevin Strange picked SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK as the lead story to promote the brand new upcoming collection of Joreck Stories, THE STRANGE SAGA OF JORECK THE BARBARIAN. It’s THAT GOOD!

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