Gang! We said we were gonna do it and we DAMN WELL DID IT! DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK issue 1 is LIVE on IndieGoGo and waiting for your fat and meaty wallets to open up and spit out money dollars on our little campaign!

Click here to buy this 32-page, full-color, wall-to-wall zombie comedy adaptation of my 2007 flick and Tromadance official selection of the same name!

Why should you back the comic on a crowd-funding site instead of buying it directly from this website like you do all the other books and DVDs?

Simple! Crowd-funding is fun as fuck! We’ve got all kinds of cool tiers to choose from that you wouldn’t get just from buying a comic. There’s a tier to get a special shout-out video message from Nixon and Hogan. There’s a tier to get original 11×17 pencil art along with your comic. There’s even a tier to get a custom watercolor painting of Nixon and Hogan commissioned straight from Kevin Strange!

Act now cause this campaign ends April 17th!