COCKHAMMER LIVES! Preview Comic Book Cover

Gang, ever since I was an 8 year old boy, all I ever wanted to do was draw pictures of monsters and watch horror movies. Back then, in the late 80s, there was no internet, no social media, there was just me, my TV and VCR, and a blank piece of paper.

I dreamed of drawing comics like SPAWN, THE MAXX, PITT and all the other cool comic book monsters in my collection. I never got very good and when puberty hit, I put down the pencil, picked up the bong and started chasing big plump asses.

I wouldn’t come back around to drawing comics until well after I was an established underground cult movie legend and infamous bizarro fiction novelist.

And honestly? I couldn’t have planned it any better. Today, with the Strangeville Universe well established for more than 15 years, fans all over the world and access to the entire planet through the internet, I get to draw monsters every single day for more people than little 8 year old me could have ever dreamed.

I have more technology in my house to write, design, pencil, ink, letter, color and print comic books than my idols of the 80s and 90s had in their entire studios.

I get to expand my batshit weirdo universe of stoners, monsters, hitmen, perverts and big booty sluts more and more with every passing day. I’m like a child again. I laugh every day at the absurdity of my strange little world and its kooky inhabitants.

If this ain’t heaven, I don’t know what is, gang. Here’s the cover of the preview comic for COCKHAMMER LIVES! the graphic novel. The big book will be 150 pages, perfect bound and it’ll come out next year through crowdfunding.

First we’re gonna launch the STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED collectible card game (finally) and as a bonus stretch goal, we’re gonna give you guys a 32 page floppy preview comic. It’s the first act of the graphic novel, if you will, right along with the card game!

I don’t have a solid date for the release of the game yet but it will be within the month, if everything goes right. Till then, check out the cover for COCKHAMMER LIVES! PART 1: THE MEAT PORTAL!

Dead Shit Issue 3 Preview!

Gang! We’re just over a WEEK away from our Saturday, August 17th NOON CST IndieGoGo launch of DEAD SHIT: The Comic Book Complete series!

All 3 issues have been written, illustrated and printed! ALL THREE issues are ready to ship into your mighty hand-pieces! This is a NO RISK campaign that includes the 32 page first issue, 36 page second issue and massive, double sized 52 page third issue! That’s 120 pages of Strangeville comic book chaos!

You’ll be able to snatch all three together, or individually if you’re one of the fresh Strangeheads and Hack Minions who grabbed up the first two issues in our MEGA SUCCESSFUL first IndieGoGo campaign from earlier this year!

If you got in on that freshness, you KNOW we’re going to have some BADASS stretch goal goodies/combo packs waiting for that ass as well as hilarious campaign videos over on our YouTube channel!

To get y’all as hyped up as possible for the launch, we’re dropping a TEN PAGE preview-piece of DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK Issue 3!

Peep this sucker out, then come back here at NOON Central time on Saturday August 17th and jump into our campaign FULL TILT to make sure we hit all of our crazy stretch goals!

For now, peep your weak and unsuspecting eyeball pieces on the EXTREMELY NSFW first ten pages of issue 3!!!


Gang! We said we were gonna do it and we DAMN WELL DID IT! DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK issue 1 is LIVE on IndieGoGo and waiting for your fat and meaty wallets to open up and spit out money dollars on our little campaign!

Click here to buy this 32-page, full-color, wall-to-wall zombie comedy adaptation of my 2007 flick and Tromadance official selection of the same name!

Why should you back the comic on a crowd-funding site instead of buying it directly from this website like you do all the other books and DVDs?

Simple! Crowd-funding is fun as fuck! We’ve got all kinds of cool tiers to choose from that you wouldn’t get just from buying a comic. There’s a tier to get a special shout-out video message from Nixon and Hogan. There’s a tier to get original 11×17 pencil art along with your comic. There’s even a tier to get a custom watercolor painting of Nixon and Hogan commissioned straight from Kevin Strange!

Act now cause this campaign ends April 17th!