DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK is fully funded on IndieGoGo!

Gang! We did it! We blew through our 500 dollar crowdfunding goal on IndieGoGo! DEAD SHIT: THE COMIC BOOK IS FULLY FUNDED!

But the campaign is just beginning! We’ve got some SWEET stretch goals for ALL PHYSICAL TIER backers and above if we hit some NEW goals!

Check out the new promo video for all those moist details!



If we hit 600 bucks before the campaign ends on Wednesday, April 17th, ALL physical tier backers and above (sorry digital peeps, but we can’t mail you shits without being able to cover that stale-ass shipping cost!) get a pair of SWEET stickers along with their orders!

*UPDATE* You guys obliterated the 600 dollar goal in a matter of hours! ALL physical-tier backers get stickers with their comic book!



If we kick that weak-ass little 600 bucks in its big ass and climb to the mighty mountain-piece of 700 bucks, ALL physical tier backers get a copy of my 2009 feature film COCKHAMMER in a paper sleeve thrown in with your order!




Stretch goal 4 *LOCKED*



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Nixon And Hogan Smoke Christmas is FREE on Youtube!

Seven years ago Hack Movies whipped out its Christmas schlong and exposed it in all its shiny, shimmering holiday glory to a totally unsuspecting public. Nixon and Hogan Smoke Christmas is my best directorial effort, by far. Sadly, it was also the last feature film I would ever make (so far.)

Smoke Christmas is everything I ever wanted to say about my favorite holiday all wrapped up in the weirdest, most offensive package I could dream up. There’s Santa rape, reverse impaled priest blowjobs, scat sex and almost every character in the movie turns into a monster by the end. This is as perfect a Hack Movie as me and the team were able to make and we’re offering it to you this holiday season absolutely free, streaming now at Youtube.

So put the kids to bed, spike the eggnog with your most potent sedative, get the little missus fitted with her finest yuletide buttplug and prepare to get balls deep in that bitch ass while you watch the greatest christmas movie ever made, NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS, bitch!