Holy shit, Heads! We managed to blast through our weak little initial 500 dollar goal on STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED: THE CARD GAME in just a couple of hours on launch day!

That’s POWERFUL, gang! That’s the kind of day 1 that we’re looking for here in Strangeville. We can move fucking MOUNTAINS with that kind of enthusiasm for our crowd-funders.

As I type this, we’re sitting at a cool 720 bucks (870 after we process a 150 dollar donation from a super Strangehead that’s stuck on a pre-paid card.)

That means our first stretch goal (really first TWO) has already been reached and we’re JUST ABOUT to hit that big 1000 dollar goal to unlock the mighty 11×17 SMOKE WEED poster for ALL backers!

All this and it’s only DAY THREE of the campaign! We still have a MONTH to go! And for REAL, we need about 50 backers and about 2000 bucks in funding to REALLY school this campaign!

Those numbers will GUARANTEE that we’ll keep the games division of Strangeville Studios open for business and we’ll get to work on our next Strangeville themed game project!

We’re almost halfway to that goal already on day 3! We just need YOU, loyal Strangehead to back this game and get a friend or two to do the same! I BELIEVE in us, gang! I KNOW we can do it!

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