The Silent War On Kevin Strange

For more than six years I’ve been fighting a largely silent war. A war for my own reputation. Because a lazy, dumb fanboy got butthurt when I didn’t want to be his buddy anymore, I’ve had to spend years fighting for my very name.

Six years ago, the cultural sentiment wasn’t on my side.

Social Justice was at a fever pitch and Don Noble, or Dumb-ass Donny as I call him, took full advantage of the anti-white, anti-male wave that crashed through the indie fiction communities.

It was easy, once Dumb-ass Donny decided that instead of pursuing his own career in storytelling he’d put all his efforts into preventing me from enjoying the success I’d created in my own.

All he had to do was whip the SJWs into a frenzy, accusing me of anything and everything from racism to sexual harassment, fraud. Of being both homophobic and homsexually attracted to him. Of being a misogynist but also a closet feminist and fake conservative.

He even briefly tried to float the idea that I had somehow plagiarized one of my novels, although I was never quite sure which book I’d supposedly ripped off and that accusation was so absurd on its face, he quickly dropped it for more realistic gossip.

As early as 2014, he was sending angry Karen emails to the Wonderland Award committee after learning that I’d been double-nominated for their short story collection award, trying to get me removed from the ballot.

After that, in the most petty move I’ve ever seen in the small press, he manipulated his way into acquiring the rights to the Strangehouse Books small press imprint after I’d sold it off to a publishing couple I’d thought I could trust.

Two anthologies were in the works under the SHB banner, Strange Sex 3 and Strange Fucking Stories 2, both series I’d started years before. The editors of those anthologies had solicited stories from me and were wrapping up the editing when Dumb-Ass Donny told them both to drop me from the books, blacklisting me from my own creations.

Around this same time the psycho stalker even started sleeping with my long-term girlfriend after we’d split up. By now it was clear that I was being single-white-femaled. Dumb-Ass Donny couldn’t make it in fiction, or any other career for that matter, so he was doing everything in his power to become the dollar-store version of me while ruining my reputation in the process.

Throughout all of this I did my best to ignore the insanity, even as all of my friends in the fiction community were pressured into disassociating with me due to all of the scary SJW isms and phobias and other word games used to control public behavior.

Eventually I snapped and retaliated against the bizarro fiction community as a whole, exposing all of their SJW hypocrisy which is chronicled throughout this website in articles and podcasts and lead to a mass exodus of rational-minded authors and readers and largely put an end to the madness.

But ole Dumb-ass Donny persisted. And even after I’d distanced myself from indie fiction to branch out once again into a new medium, this time comic books, where I’ve expanded the Strangeville universe into successful graphic novel series, Dumb-ass Donny still wouldn’t leave me alone.

Last year (2019) I was contacted by a bizarro press who solicited a short story from me for an upcoming anthology, and once again Dumb-Ass Donny and his whisper network pressured the publisher into pulling my story.

These are only some of the more well known instances of his insane harassment over the years. There are PLENTY of others. Not a single year has gone by that Dumb-Ass Donny hasn’t interfered with my relationships, business and career situations using lies, slander and half-truths to manipulate and pressure anyone associated with me.

This sad middle-aged man truly and honestly believes he is the gatekeeper of MY career. And truly believes that as long as he keeps stalking and lying and shaming me publicly, that my success will end and I will shrivel up and die, leaving him free and clear to take over my career for himself so that HE can finally be the real Kevin Strange.

But a funny thing has happened as time has marched forward and his obsessive, creepy stalking has continued. People have taken notice. And now, in 2020 during a world-wide pandemic, as he and his whisper network have tried to get MY FRIENDS removed from their publishing contracts simply for associating with me, the public has finally had enough.

The mask has finally slipped. Dumb-Ass Donny has pushed one too many times and after weathering storm after storm, wave after wave, year after year, it’s finally clear to everyone who knows the sad man that he is truly mentally unhealthy, petty, full of shit, and hanging at the end of the rope I’ve spent six years letting him drag out.

It’s over Dumb-ass. Nobody cares about your bullshit. I win.

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