Kevin Strange’s Corona Fiction Sale!

Well, gang, it seems like the Orwellian Coronavirus lockdown ain’t gonna end till our entire economy and way of life is obliterated and we’ve been reduced to raving packs of biker cannibals mutated into unrecognizable beasts by unchecked nuclear radiation.

So in celebration of the inevitable end of the world, we’re putting some of our best and most popular apocalyptic fiction on sale for only 99 cents because we know ain’t nobody working and ain’t nobody got any money!

For a limited time, snatch up these Kindle copies of the BEST of the Strange Fiction catalog for only a buck!

Texas Chainsaw MantisClick to buy

Beetle BrainClick to buy

I Died In A Bed Of RosesClick to buy

McHumansClick to buy

Vampire Guts In Nuke TownClick to buy