The Complete Kevin Strange Collection

*ANNOUNCEMENT* For the first time ever, the entire Strangeville Stonerverse exists under one roof! The Complete Kevin Strange Collection on Patreon features all 7 of my films, all 18 of my novels and short story collections, and all 10 of my graphic novels and comic books! 
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As a Patron of the Strange, you’ll also be the first to see my new projects such as TOO MANY DABS issue 2 which is already posted on the Patreon as well as upcoming exclusive new comics that are too wild for the public comics archive like BETTY BETIE BRAIN BANG, my send up to the killer brain genre! 

I’ve also posted the cover for my brand new comic THE WIZARD OF GANJ, and once finished, it will be posted to the Patreon before anywhere else! 
Please consider dropping them dollars on my well deserving face-piece, gang! Become a Patron of the Strange today!

WWS Bonus Ep For Patreon: Get Me Roger Stone Review

Kevin and Travis get all political on that ass this week with their review of the new Netflix produced documentary GET ME ROGER STONE.

Listen as the boys marvel over Stone’s involvement in Nixon’s Watergate scandal, the infamous 2000 presidential election that came down to Miami Dade County in Florida, how he single handedly took down the Reform Party and of course how he manipulated the media during the epic Donald Trump campaign that lead Trump to become the new president of the United States.

Beyond that, Kevin also recounts how he was first introduced to Alex Jones and the Inforwars website way back in the early 2000s.

To access this episode and ALL bonus episodes for Patreon, pledge at least 1 dollar a month to Sit back and enjoy the ride and remember gang, keep watching!

WWS Bonus Episode: S-Town Podcast Review

On this special episode, Jeremy Daniels, co-host of the READING TO STRANGERS podcast joins Kevin and Travis as they discuss the enigmatic John McLemore and the S-Town Podcast.

This episode is spoiler-heavy so if you haven’t already listened to the S-Town podcast, we encourage you to do so before coming back here to listen to our thoughts, speculation and review of John B and his weird and wild story.

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