Strangeville Smoke Weed Game Launch Postponed

Gang, a lot of us creator types make our living telling stories and entertaining our fans. As this crazy virus quarantine ratchets us down and puts many of us out of work, I’ve been watching fellow creators launch brand new comic book campaigns, new novels, pushing art commissions and much more as they fight to survive in the face of this unprecedented situation we all face together.

I don’t judge my creator friends for hustling up and trying to keep food in their mouths, but I’ve been thinking a lot about it and I can’t, in good conscience, spend the next month trying to sell the Strangeheads and Hack Minions a card game on IndieGoGo.

Do we need distraction and entertainment right now? Absolutely. Would a kick ass, funny ass, fun ass card game help keep the calm and stave off the cabin fever while we’re stuck in our homes? Absolutely.

But if you’re like me, and I know most of the Strangeheads and Hack Minions are, you’re working a busted ass job just barely getting by and right now, more than ever, your weak little resources are much better off stocking up on essential items and food to keep your families safe and your bellies full.

I cannot ask you to give me money right now.

The game is finished. It’s fucking amazing. Everyone who’s played it loves it and can’t wait to get a deck of their own to play with their friends. It’s 100% ready to go. All I have to do is launch.

So once we’re on the other side of Corona, everyone’s back to work, we’re caught up on our rent and car payments and all that, then I’ll feel comfortable going into huckster mode and yelling at you for a month to buy the fuck out of the best fucking collectible card game your ass has never played. STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED: The Card Game, coming for your buttholes soon, motherfucker!

For now, stay home and stay safe.