WWS Bonus Episode: S-Town Podcast Review

On this special episode, Jeremy Daniels, co-host of the READING TO STRANGERS podcast joins Kevin and Travis as they discuss the enigmatic John McLemore and the S-Town Podcast.

This episode is spoiler-heavy so if you haven’t already listened to the S-Town podcast, we encourage you to do so before coming back here to listen to our thoughts, speculation and review of John B and his weird and wild story.

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RTS 02: What If Edward Lee Was An SJW Scapegoat?

Kevin and Jeremy return for another action packed episode of READING TO STRANGERS! The boys get us up to speed on all things strange before jumping into part 2 of the serial saga of THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED!

Returning from break, the perverted duo jump right into Kevin Strange’s alternate dimension where infamous gunman Dylann Roof proudly displays an Edward Lee horror novel on his social media instead of a confederate flag. They discuss the many ways our culture would react to such a revelation and then illustrate the blatant hypocrisy that many in the publishing industry display when virtue signalling for the removal of things like the confederate flag from online retail stores.

After a quick preview of next week’s show “Pop Culture Convention Survival Guide for White Guys” they end the show.

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