She Was Only A Clown: Epilogue

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Minutes later

Officer Ron O’Fallon sat in his squad car parked discreetly just off of service road K in Medora, Illinois. He was neither happy nor excited about his current activity. He’d been called out to check on a seemingly abandoned car parked behind a series of trees just west of the Nelson family farmhouse when he’d received the call from dispatch he’d been dreading.

It was Sarah’s shift. He hated Sarah’s shift.

Ron and Sarah had known each other since before their time on the force, sort of. But the two could hardly be described as close. Ron only spoke to her when he absolutely had to respond to a call, and even then, he kept it as short as possible.

And there was good reason for that.

Ron, You there?”

Officer O’Fallon sighed and picked up the car’s radio, taking a deep anxious breath before responding.

Yeah, I’m bout to run these plates. What’s your hurry?”

There was a flinching fear in Sarah’s voice when she responded. There was always a faint hint of fear in her voice, ever since what had happened to her in high school.

Not the car, Ron. Look outside. Look up.”

Officer O’Fallon rolled his window down and looked into the sky. What he saw there made him drop the radio, open the car door and step outside.

I’ll be fucked sideways!” He mumbled to himself as he stared up.

The entire skyline was lit up a brilliant crimson as what looked like a million tiny red meteors cascaded down from space.

They’re calling it a once-in-a-lifetime celestial event,” Sarah said from the radio laying in Officer O’Fallon’s seat. “Saying it’s a mix of aurora borealis-like gasses and some kind of meteor collision. Saying nobody’s ever seen anything like it in recorded history.”

Ron stood there with his hands on his hips, the anxiety he felt every night when he had to talk to Sarah intensifying. Something about large cosmic phenomenon made Ron feel tiny, insignificant, like the human version of his little pecker. He didn’t like star gazing. Hell, he didn’t even look up at the moon if he could avoid it.

And his anxiety was about to get a whole lot worse.


He’d been at a house party all those years ago which featured the biggest beer bong he’d ever seen. The owner of the house, or the kid who’s parents owned the house anyway, called the bong Jesus and was making everyone “worship him” as the kid held a giant funnel that contained a whole six pack which would flow down through ten feet of hose before exploding in the unsuspecting victim’s face unless they were schooled in the tricky art of “sucking Jesus off.”

If one wanted to survive the “Jesus blast” one had to thumb-up the end of the tubing until the entire six pack had gathered down at the base, then suck the beer out of the tube calmly at their leisure.

One unfortunate young lady had taken one too many Jesus blasts to the face and had ended up naked and passed on on the floor in a spare bedroom. A spare bedroom Ron happened to have stumbled into while looking for the bathroom so he could take a piss and relieve himself of his own Jesus blast.

At first he thought he’d walked in on a couple having sex.

She was laid out on the floor, all of five foot three, butt naked, maybe a hundred pounds with a shaved pussy and bare feet laying on her back spread eagle, bald pussy pointed in Ron’s direction. Her marble-pale skin practically gave off its own light in the darkened room. The guy was fully clothed but his pants were around his ass and he was on his knees kneeling in front of her face. The room smelled like dick and it didn’t take but a second before Ron realized what was really going on.

The girl was passed out and the guy was jacking off on her face.

Ron’s breath hitched his throat. What was happening? He was about to say something, try to get the guy off her or… he really didn’t know what he was going to do. Ron wasn’t exactly the biggest guy in any room and the only fights he’d ever been in he’d lost. He was more likely to just piss the guy off than stop any kind of assault. Besides, he suddenly found himself more aroused than offended at what was taking place….

 Confused He decided to just leave the room and go back out to the garage and take a few more hits off the Jesus bong when the guy started moaning.

Fuck, I’m gonna come.”

The girl came to life at that point, like a corpse returning from the dead. Her hand lazily found its way to her pussy and she started rubbing it in sloppy drunken circles with her fingers. “Do it on my face,” she mumbled, clearly only half conscious.

The guy grunted and then, sure enough, ejaculated all over the drunk girl’s face, covering her heavily eye-shadowed brow, adding a few squirts across her nose and lips as a kind of gentle after thought.

Ron popped an inadvertent boner which became all the more awkward as, without warning, the guy stood, pulled up his pants and turned to exist the room, catching Ron blatantly rubbing the front of his pants as he peeked through the door.

All yours, Casanova,” the guy said, chuckling to himself as he pushed past Ron and returned to the party. “Let Chucky know when you’re done,” he added as he strutted down the hallway, clearly proud of his dick-art skills. “He’s got next.”

Ron looked at him, confused. What the hell?

Shut the door, it’s cold out there,” the girl said, still masturbating as she tried to tongue the cum off her top lip and nose. “I need dick in me, right now.”

She hadn’t even opened her eyes. She didn’t know who Ron was. She was wasted. This wasn’t right. Nothing about this was the way Ron had expected to… What? Lose his virginity? Is that what this was?

Ron slipped in the room and closed the door quietly as if he’d be caught and punished if anyone knew he was in the room, even though he’d been told by both jack-off boy and cum-face girl that it was his turn.

This is how lots of guys lose it, Ron told himself, heart hammering in his chest.

When he got close enough to smell her sex and the spunk on her face, Ron pulled down his pants, letting his smallness breathe in the stuffy room. He took quick shallow breaths as he knelt and crawled between the girl’s legs.

With shaking thighs and trembling hands, he maneuvered himself in position and, as politely as he could, entered her. He was immediately surprised by the snug warmness. He let out a surprised grunt and began to slowly move in and out, doing his best not to cum too fast even though he’d felt on the verge since he first saw what was happening in the room.

That’s when she said it.

Fuck me, Bill. Fuck me hard.”

A pang of anxiety shot through Ron. Who was Bill? Why did she say that name? Oh no. Oh fuck no. The jack-off guy, he didn’t know this girl either. She was blackout drunk. He must have seen her naked in here and taken advantage of her, and now Ron was taking it even further!

Was this rape? Would he go to jail? Was his life about to be ruined?

Any person with a shred of sense in the situation would have stopped what he was doing, at the very least–gotten the girl help, tracked down the jack-off guy and done everything he could to make sure someone like that could never harm another girl again if they were the heroic type.

But in that moment, Ron was neither sensible nor the heroic type. It was in that moment that Ron realized he was a disgusting individual because he did not stop. In fact, the thought that he was inside a girl who was so drunk, so helpless that she thought she was being fucked by another man? It made him even harder.

He sped up, in fact, egged on by the girl’s moans for Bill. He smirked and kept working away between her legs, nearly laughing out loud as he did so, quietly wondering to himself what the fuck was wrong with him, but not concerned enough with his despicable behavior to stop. In fact, that small voice of morality inside of him added to the excitement of the… what had this become? A violation?

Ron was happy to think of it that way and happy to continue right on doing exactly what he was doing, right up until the minute that the girl opened her eyes.

Y-you’re not Bill! Where’s Bill? W-who are you?”

Getting caught only excited Ron more. The room was too dark for her to see his full features, but as he had no intention of stopping until he was quite finished, Ron glanced around the room for something to hide his face to completely ensure his victim had no means by which to identify him.

It was only then that Ron noticed that the room was decked out in some kind of weird clown motif. There were clown sheets on the bed next to them, a clown lamp on the nightstand, clown curtains, plush and toy clowns littering all of the shelves and surfaces and, to Ron’s delight, a life-sized bust on the dresser wearing a full clown mask.

While the girl struggled beneath him, he reached up and yanked the bust down, pulled off the mask and placed it over his own head.

Shut up and take it!” He said, voice muffled through the long, joyous smile on the clown face.

The girl struggled for another moment until Ron slammed his hand over her mouth and leaned in, never missing a thrust. “Scream and I’ll fucking kill you!”

She went still then, her eyes sort of drifting off, glazing over. She remained limp like that as Ron finished his business. He’d never spoken like that to anyone before. Never forced himself on anyone sexually or otherwise. And it felt great. All the frustrations of a quiet, meek existence melted away as he raped the drunk girl. He felt strong, powerful, able to conquer anyone or anything.

Right up until the moment he came.

The girl, seemingly sober now, lay trembling, sobbing softly to herself, still just staring off. Ron’s stomach dropped. What the fuck had he done? He wasn’t the type to hurt anyone. He immediately stammered, “I-I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” He tried to touch the girl’s face but she yanked away, jamming her eyes shut.

Oh fuck, oh fuck. P-please don’t tell anyone! I-I-I…”

But what else was there to say? Ron’s anxiety and paranoia piqued as he heard voices of people walking past the closed door. Someone would come in and find them there any moment. His life would be ruined. His prospects of becoming a cop like his asshole father were evaporating before his eyes. His father would be the one to put him behind bars.

Ron couldn’t bear the thought. He leaped up without even pulling his pants up or taking off the clown mask. He ran to the bedroom window, flung it open and crawled outside. He ran two blocks through back yards and alleys before he tossed the mask and buttoned up his pants.

He didn’t sleep that night. Didn’t eat for the rest of the weekend. He imagined every car that drove by his house was a squad car there to pick him up and take him to jail. Each evening he expected his father to come home from the station, beat the living shit out of him and haul Ron in himself.

But none of that happened.

Monday morning came, Ron went to school and no one said a word to him. Not just that, but no one from the party mentioned anything about a girl being raped. Were they covering it up? Had “Chucky” come in and fucked her, too as jack-off boy had mentioned on his way out the door? And where had “Bill” been while random dudes had their way with his girl?

Why was no one talking?

Days passed, weeks. He saw the girl in the hallways, did his best to avoid eye contact. Even had a class with her a semester later. She didn’t acknowledge him. She hadn’t seen his face. Seemingly hadn’t reported the incident to police. Maybe not to anyone.

Whoever Bill was, he had never manifested. Ron watched the girl from afar with a tremendous sense of guilt and remorse. She never dated for the rest of high school. Never seemed to have friends. He would watch her walk up to the school alone in the mornings and away alone in the afternoons.

Ron never dated either. Never even approached another girl for the rest of high school. He’d terrified himself with his actions, too scared that he would unlock whatever had come out in himself again should he attempt to court another girl.

Those two sad, tragic parallel paths continued, Ron with his guilt isolating him, the girl with violation isolating her until fate played a cruel joke on them both.

After Ron had joined the force and volunteered to take the overnight shift 4 nights a week, that very same girl from high school applied and was hired on as the midnights dispatcher.

Her name was, of course, Sarah.


I don’t like this,” Ron said into the radio.

I think it’s pretty,” Sarah said. But her voice betrayed her as it did every night. No matter the call, no matter the conversation she inevitably tried to start with Ron, she sounded sad. Like she’d never gotten over that night at the party. The night she’d been raped by a clown.

Many nights Ron sat in his squad car staring at the radio trying to find the words to confess what he’d done. He wanted more than anything to make good with what had happened. It wasn’t right that he’d gotten away with what he’d done to her. Even worse that he was now in a position of authority over her. And downright horrific that his was the only voice she could speak to during the long night hours.

Ron had considered leaving the force or asking for a transfer to another town but his father had only just recently retired and given his spot in seniority over to him. His sense of duty to his father was just as intense as his guilt over violating Sarah all those years ago.

These thoughts, ever present in Ron’s mind, especially so on nights he shared his shift with Sarah, were with him as he gazed up in curious apprehension at the fiery-red show happening in the sky. His guilt clung to him, suffocating him like a thick, wet blanket when the dog trotted up to him.

She came up from the woods, the thumping of her steps through the underbrush in the clearing pulling Ron’s attention away from the meteor shower.

His initial thought was that she was wet from playing in a creek or puddle somewhere deeper in the woods. Her coat was flecked with red, but everything in sight was bathed in a slightly red hue from the intensity of the meteor shower. As she crossed onto the gravel parkinglot next to state highway K, he saw the chunks missing from her haunches.

Then he saw that her eyes were missing.

S-Sarah, I, I, I have ah…” He dropped the radio. Beyond the eyeless dog standing just a few feet from him silently staring at him with her deep, empty sockets, figures emerged from the treeline. Only two at first. A male in head-to-toe clown suit and big goofy looking monster gloves for hands and big purple clown shoes shambled forward next to a short, petite naked female covered in clown body paint.

Ron drew his revolver as they slowly, lazily stepped into the gravel lot. He nearly dropped that revolver when they came close enough for him to see that their eyes were missing as well.

G-get the fuck back, right now!” But the words didn’t even convince Ron himself as he immediately backed up until he hit his squad car. “I swear to god I’ll shoot! Don’t come a step closer!”

The eyeless figures had already stopped. They stood stark still next to the mutilated dog. Ron might have been able to keep his composure and at least fake his way through acting like a confident officer of the law if the bizarre incident had remained a confrontation between two weird blind clowns and their injured dog. But that’s not what happened at all.

Four more figures appeared from the woods. They trudged just as slowly, lead by a stocky man with a giant gaping hole in his throat. The three things behind him were so twisted, so hideous that they defied Ron’s ability to process their appearance. He simply looked down and began to cry.

He didn’t look up again until he heard the sounds of more footsteps. With dread he lifted his head and cried out in terror. The treeline was littered with clowns. Hundreds of them. None of them with eyes.

It was then that Ron fell to his knees. He picked up his radio, with dread in his voice he said, “they’re here, girl. They’re here. I’m so sorry.”

Sarah immediately answered from the other end of the radio. “Who? Ron? Who’s there? What are you talking about?”

The clowns. I’m.. I’m so fucking sorry…”

Ron and Sarah had discussed the clown sightings on the internet. It was a conversation so difficult, Ron had gone home and drank himself slobbering stupid for his entire three day off stretch.

As Sarah had told him in that awful conversation that she’d had a deep fear of clowns since high school and that she hoped to God that the creepy sightings that had been popping up all over the world never made their way to Medora or Hopp’s Hollow, Ron had nearly confessed to her.

Clowns?” Sarah asked slowly. The dread in her voice matching Ron’s own. “What do you mean, clowns? Like we read about online??” She was practically sobbing now. “Ron?! Ron answer me!”

But Ron had already discarded the radio. He placed the barrel of his revolver against his temple. They’d come for him at last. Their twisted bodies and mocking smiles. He’d known. He’d known he could not escape what he’d done to poor Sarah. He’d always known that one day, someone or something would come for him to punish him for his unforgivable actions.

He’d never really considered that his sins would manifest themselves supernaturally. Ron wasn’t a bright guy, not the least bit creative. But it made sense. He believed in ghosts and demons. He knew he’d have to answer to God eventually. And now, that day had come.

The clowns shambled around in a rough semi-circle totally encircling Ron and his squad car.

He squeezed his eyes shut and rested his finger on the trigger, trying to find it in himself to end his life so that he could escape at least whatever suffering the clowns had in store for him in the here and now. But Ron was a coward. He couldn’t kill himself any more than he could confess to Sarah what he’d done to her.

Unbeknownst to him, of course, the Entity had set it up that way. It knew Ron wouldn’t kill himself. It knew that the events of the night would lead Ron and Sarah to go to the media with their clown story and set in motion the final hysteria that would plunge the world into utter chaos.

Ron opened his eyes, resigned to his fate, ready to have his body and soul torn apart by the horrific clowns crowding around him. To his utter astonishment, that’s not what happened.

The man in the monster clown suit and the naked girl stood directly in front of him, smiling at him as they look at him without eyes. They grasped hands.

In a hollow, creeking voice like sandpaper on rust the clown man said one word:


And then he, the girl, the maimed dog, the ugly man with the hole in his throat, the three horrors beside him and all of the hundreds of clowns menacing Ron slowly turned gray. Cracks appeared in their bodies and, as a warm summer wind kicked up through the woods, every last one of them turned to ash and blew away.

This was the final night of the clown sightings. All across the world the menacing, evil beings vanished overnight, never to be seen again thanks to the bravery and sacrifice of two bad people. Two people who’s names Ron O’Fallon would never know. Two people who gave their lives for no other reason than it was the right thing to do.

Ron sat for a long while until the smell of his own pissed pants was too much for him to bear. He rolled onto his hands and knees and vomited into the parking lot.

Ron I swear to god,” Sarah cried through the radio now covered in bile and tonight’s supper. “If you don’t talk to me right now I’m calling the chief! I-I’m calling your father! I’m, I’m calling the god damn national guard! ANSWER ME!”

He picked it up and wiped it off. “Listen,” he said, staring up into the meteor shower. He gazed at the sky for the first time in his life without apprehension, somehow knowing in his gut that the strange night sky was connected to the end of the clown panic.

He knew in his heart that the Earth had been granted a second chance. He hoped, too, that he might be granted one as well. A slow smile crept across his face as he watched what he could never know was the body of the universe’s most ancient scourge burn away in the upper atmosphere. “I have something I’ve been meanin’ to tell you for years, girl. And you ain’t gonna like it one bit.”


She Was Only A Clown Chapter 50

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a special serialized novella presented in weekly installments every Saturday. Click here to read chapter 1, click here to read chapter 2, click here to read chapter 3, click here to read chapter 4, click here to read chapter 5, click here to read chapters 6 an 7, click here to read chapters 8 and 9, click here to read chapters 10 and 11, click here to read chapters 12 thru 14, click here to read chapters 15 and 16, click here to read chapters 17 and 18, click here to read chapters 19 thru 21, click here to read chapters 22 and 23, click here to read chapters 24 and 25, click here to read chapters 26 and 27, click here to read chapters 28 and 29, click here to read chapters 30 thru 32, click here to read chapters 33 and 34, click hereto read chapter 35, click here to read chapter 36, click here to read chapter 37, click hereto read chapter 38, click here to read chapter 39, click here to read chapter 40, click here to read chapter 41, click here to read chapter 42, click here to read chapter 43, click here to read chapters 44 and 45, click here to read chapter 46, click here to read chapters 47 and 48 and click here to read chapter 49.

Chapter 50

In a flash, Kiana turned the areola on her big ass tits into gaping, fanged mouths but Carl and Plilip yanked their hands and cocks away before she was able to bite them off. She cursed herself for being so complicit in the Nelsons’ rape shenanigans. She could have put a stop to it any time she’d wanted or at least fought them to the death, maybe taking a couple of them with her along the way.

She screamed as Jacob taunted her with her little fetus body. He held it from both hands, making it dance like a small puppet. “Whassa matter, bitch? You don’t wanna go back inside?”

Say, brother,” Carl said, looking from his club-sized dong to the baby sized body in Jacob’s hands. “Ain’t that thing a little too small for our big dicks?”

Kiana detached herself from her limbs, sprayed piss and vomit out of every orifice, even tried setting herself on fire as a means to dissuade the Nelsons from what they all knew would come next. Carl and Philip endured all of her defenses, holding her snapping, writhing, burning body in place as Jacob puzzled over the tiny fetus body.

Yer right. We cain’t fuck this. Least not long ‘fore it’s fucked to pieces. I wonder…” Jacob pulled and stretched on the limp fetus-creature until its limbs elongated. Chuckling, he did the same with its head and torso, molding Kiana’s true alien body bigger and thicker until he was holding in his little hands a human-sized body exactly the same size as Kiana’s astral-self kicking and wailing on the ground under him.

We got ourselves a fuck puppet!” Jacob yelled in delight as he tossed the lifeless creature on top of Kiana’s astral projection.

She thrashed and pleaded but it was futile. Her ectomorphic consciousness seeped back into the pores of her alien body like smoke sucked up a chimney. Moments later the fetus creature, now a full-sized pink body, blinked its eyes. “No! NoNoNoNoNo!” She screamed, balling up her arms and legs, trying to will herself back out of the body. But images of the puppy were simply not enough, faced with the horrific reality of not only being raped and killed by the Nelsons, not only failing the mission Elwood had given her, but doing all of these things inside the grotesque body of a pink fetus creature was too much for her to psychically overcome. She was trapped in the physical realm with three redneck monsters about to pounce on her delicate, prone body.

Yeeah, now we talkin’!” Carl said, standing up on his huge monster legs, pushing his way around to take Jacob’s spot between Kiana’s legs.

Why’s it your turn?” Philip protested, coming up on Jacob’s other side, giant head bobbing menacingly.

Ain’t nobody said I was done yet!” Jacob said, waving his tiny arms at his brothers. “I need me a piece of this real flesh before either of you nasty fuckers get your dirty dicks anywhere near it! I’m the one made her like this!”

The three Nelson brothers began attacking one another, completely forgetting about Kiana laying beneath them. Quickly, she skittered out from under their stomping feet and dove for the fetus pod where Elwood’s mind-thread ended. She scrambled to take the lid off, its contents too fogged up to see from outside.

Behind her the Nelsons were still shouting, only now she heard words like cunt and cum dumpster being hurled her way so she knew she didn’t have much time. The lid finally came loose. She tossed it aside and reached into the pink muck, pulling the little creature inside free.

She was right! The lifeless fetus-body had Elwood’s face! This was the right pod! She jammed her hands back into the pink liquid, feeling around for the bomb Elwood had told her about as she heard the Nelson’s stomping up behind her, but there was nothing else inside.

Goddamnit, Elwood! What the fuck do I do now!” she screamed in frustration, rolling over onto her butt to face the backwoods horrors rushing up on her.

It was worse than she’d imagined. All three Nelsons had somehow become intertwined. What lumbered up to her had three legs, two massive–obviously belonging to Carl–and one normal sized jutting out from where their penises should have been. All three heads were fused together with Jacob’s tiny arms sticking up from the tops of their fused heads, looking like obscene antlers. The rest of their arms stuck out of various places on their thick torso and, worst of all, all three of their huge fetus-dicks had wound together creating a massive sexual protrusion extending from their stomach like the trunk of some nightmarish elephant.

And they were ready to fuck.

Kiana shook the Elwood-fetus in her hands. “Tell me what to do! Tell me, fucker! It’s too fucking late! I’m gonna fucking die and these sick fuckers are gonna win! Talk to me!”

But the fetus hung limp as ever, Elwood’s consciousness no longer present.

The Nelson monster stopped inches from Kiana. Its trunk-sized dong twitched and dribbled pre-cum all over the tentacle floor. “It’s over, sexy bitch,” the three heads said in unison. “We gone fuck you in half, then fuck you with the other half!”

Kiana tried to scramble free but the Nelson-thing snatched her up by her leg, spun her around, and impaled her on its penis-weapon before she could escape. It was far too large. She was bleeding from the crotch before the thing’s triple head had even worked its way completely inside of her. She was quickly stretched passed her body’s breaking point, unable to do anything but hang there being death-fucked in defeat, holding Elwood’s fetus body like a child’s toy.

And that’s when it happened.

The little fetus creatures making up the Nelson monster’s stomach began to scream and flail worse than they already did naturally. A ring around the base of the trunk-cock rippled and expanded, much to the shock of the Nelsons who looked down in disbelief as a face took shape around their mutated sex organ.

It was the face of a clown.

Elwood’s face, still clad in the mask he’d died in at the hands of Mark Nelson and the Entity appeared out of the Nelson’s flesh. His mouth closed around the dreaded triple dong and, as he fully solidified on their body, bit down, severing the flopping, bleeding tri-wang with one massive chomp.

The Nelsons wailed and pawed at Elwood’s face as Kiana, still impaled on the dong, fell free to the ground. Her entire lower half was ruined. Her legs landed twisted at weird angles. Most of her intestines pulled free as she yanked the three dicks from herself. She would bleed out in seconds.

Please! Tell me what to do! Where is the bomb!” she pleaded.

Elwood’s sad eyes focused on her. He mouthed two simple words before the Nelsons clawed him to shreds with their clawlike hands.

Those words were: Kill Me.

Kiana wept. She shook her head. Even dying, even knowing that the only way to save Earth was for her, Elwood and everything inside the gargantuan celestial body of the Entity to die, she did not want to be the one to end Elwood’s life.

It was a sick joke. Elwood was the only man to ever save her life. He was the only person she’d ever met who’d trusted her. In spite of everything. He was the only person who knew everything about how terrible of a human being she was. He accepted her. Confided in her. Teamed up with her to do the most important thing any living person had ever done in the course of human history.

And now she had to kill him. She laughed through her tears as the Nelsons bled and screamed. This was her job. Elwood had known the Entity would not let him win. Would not allow him to destroy it. He’d become too connected to it. He’d become a part of it. But her? She was a psycho fucking killer and as she squeezed the little fetus-Elwood’s neck until the small head popped off, erupting in a geyser of pink fluid, she did indeed get a sick kick out of murdering the only person she could say will all honest that she really and truly loved.

Kiana fell to her back, her vision failing as she bled out. The decapitated fetus body began to beep. It turned transparent. There, inside, connected to its little fetus heart was the bomb. As its heart shuddered and stopped, the bomb heated up.

A deep rumbling not from the bomb but from every fetus-pod in the entire unfathomably large body of the Entity drowned out the bomb’s beeping. Billions upon untold and uncountable billions of fetus creatures rushed toward Kiana, all in an attempt to stop from exploding the one thing in the entire existence of reality that could destroy their captor. Their tormentor. Their dark, un-killable god.

The Nelsons split in two as the eye of the Entity burst forth, rushing at Kiana’s body and Elwood’s fetus. It, along with every captive soul it possessed tried, to no avail, to contain the blast as the fetus, Kiana, the Nelsons, and every fetus connected to Elwood’s mind-thread erupted in searing, beautiful white light.


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She Was Only A Clown Chapter 49

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Chapter 49

Kiana dropped the psychic thread and spun around. Standing directly behind her were three horrible figures. The Nelson brothers. She knew their names because Elwood had told her in painstaking detail about them gang-raping her before the Entity ruined their bodies and brought them back to life, only to, apparently, suck their consciousnesses along with their Brother Mark’s up here into its alien body high above Earth’s atmosphere.

Hiya, bitch!”

Jacob, Philip and Carl were even more hideous than Elwood had described them as now their bodies were made up of pink fetus-creatures all mashed together in the same way Mark Nelson’s giant face had been before Elwood had thrown her through Mark’s eye like a torpedo.

The three Nelson brothers were all naked with misshapen limbs completely out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. Jacob’s arms were both small, like a baby’s arms jutting out from the sides of his torso. Philip’s head was three times the size of his brothers’ and Carl had huge legs and feet resembling a morbidly obese person with a heart condition causing their appendages to swell.

All three of them though, had one appendage in common. Their cocks were as huge as horse dicks. They swung down past the naken rednecks’ knees wide as baseball bats with veins thick as pencils wrapping around them this way and that.

Look fellas,” Kiana said, backing away toward the direction she hoped Elwood’s body lay in. “Much as I wouldn’t mind getting air-tight, four-way fucked in every one of my holes by those,” her eyes got wide as she checked out their cocks again. “Big ole wieners, I got’sa mission I’m on and my friend would be mighty disappointed in me if I went and let the world end while I was having the time of my life gettin’ butt-fucked by some nasty-ass motherfuckers like you three.”

In truth, Kiana was more disgusted by their fetus bodies than anything other thing she could think of in her entire life. Those ugly little fuckers that made up the three redneck brothers’ bodies were all twitching and mouthing words at her, all their beady little black eyes just staring off. She had the heebie-jeebies something fierce right then, and was doing her god damned best not to show it.

Oh no, this bitch talks too much!” Carl said in mock disappointment. “’A’fore we couldn’t get her to say a damn thing now the cunt won’t shut the fuck up!”

She won’t be jabberin’ for long,” Philip said, drool pooling around his lips on his big ass head as he stared at her large naked tits. “We’ll fill her mouth up so tight, she won’t make a sound!”

In that moment, Kiana regretting making her astral boobs and butt so appealing.

Suddenly, Jacob’s little baby arms shot out off his body like strings of spaghetti attempting to grab her.

Kiana turned her nude skin into spikes as the little hands touched her, mangling them in the process. “Back off, jack offs! This body ain’t yours to fuck on!” It felt strange spurning the advances of men. Even repulsive men who made her want to vomit still shamefully made her pussy wet.

But she could not let Elwood down. It was in that moment that she realized how much she truly cared for the man she’d only seemingly just met. But then time played games with the senses inside the Entity. What had merely been hours down below on Earth seemed like months up here.

Elwood was the truest, most sincere person she’d ever met. She could not disappoint him now.

Jacob screamed and complained as he retracted his mangled hands. Carl and Philip laughed at his expense as they rushed forward, intent on capturing their prey, enthused to no end by her protests and willingness to fight back.

Kiana turned her hands to long blades as the two brothers came up on either side of her. She swung at Phillip’s huge head with both sword-arms but only managed to get them stuck in the side of his skull as Carl came up behind and grabbed her, the spikes on her body doing little to dissuade the rape-hungry redneck from wrestling her to the ground.

Phillip dislodged her arms from his head and pinned them up above her own as Jacob with his tiny bloody hands slowly stalked up the middle toward her defenseless pussy.

All three brothers’ cocks were hard as she cussed and screamed at them to let her go. Her protests were obviously making them even more excited to rape her and a part of her couldn’t help herself but to egg them on, in spite of how sincerely she wanted to find Elwood’s body and figure out how to set off the bomb.

Both Carl and Philip ran their hands along her body, ignoring the spiky protrusions as though they were nothing more than thorns on the stem of a rose.

God damn, brothers!” Philip said, as he squeezed Kiana’s sizable left breast, his giant head still drooling. “I think these titties is bigger than they were downstairs!”

You right!” Carl said, gripping up a handful of her right tit to test their mass for himself. “Way bigger!”

Jacob’s hands had healed themselves, replaced by more little fetus creature parts as he stood between Kiana’s legs. His enormous pecker looked absolutely ridiculous jutting up far enough in front of his torso that he was just able to grasp a hold of its tip with his baby hand and ever so slightly jack it off until a shiny sliver of pre-cum dripped out onto the huge purple helmet-like head.

Quit jackin’ it off and fuck her with it you stupid shit!” Carl shouted, his own cock now draped over Kiana’s stomach sideways as he knelt on the tentacle floor holding her in place for his brother to have his way with.

Let me take my goddamn time and enjoy my damn self, jeeze-louise!” Jacob snapped back in mock anger. But he did as his younger brother said, letting his baseball-bat-like dong fall from his baby hand. It thumped on Kiana’s hairless pussy, stimulating her clit enough to make her drip pussy juice from between her lips.

Look! This broad wants the cock, brother!” Phillip said, his huge head bouncing back and forth on his shoulders like a beach ball.

But just as Jacob thrust his huge member forward, Kiana phased dimensions,  monetarily turning transparent and leaped up onto her feet as the brothers lost their grip. She phased back to regular reality and grew her ass out longer and fatter as she took off running. She grew several new sets of legs out of this new ass to make her faster until she resembled a humanoid-like centipede racing across the tops of the fetus-pods in the direction the mind-thread had guided her.

She scooped the thread back up out of the pink fluid of the nearest pod as the three Nelson brothers cursed and gave chase, Carl breaking out ahead of the other two on his long monster legs.

Kiana tugged on the thread to gauge how much further she had to go before reaching Elwood’s body. To her astonishment, the thread stopped only a few pods ahead of her. She’d found him!

Unfortunately, that’s when Carl caught up and tackled her back to the ground.

Hurry up! Bitch done turned herself inta some kinda bug!” Carl yelled as Kiana tried to wiggle her long ass and half dozen legs free of the fetus-bodied redneck. He bore his weight on her and held her in place until the other Nelsons arrived.

I’ll be,” Jacob said, rubbing his tiny hands together in anticipation of the coming brutality. “Slut looks like some kinds crawdad done fucked a lady and had a weird ass baby!”

All three brothers laughed as Kiana tried to phase out again in desperation.

Nuh uh! Not so fast sugar!” Carl said, phasing with her, then dragging her astral self back to the present reality. “You fooled us with that trick once’t but we gots us them ghost powers, too.”

Kiana tilted her head back. She could still see the mind-thread dipping into a pod not ten feet from where she was pinned down. All she had to do was get over there. But then what? Elwood had never told her what to do once she got there…

Jacob pushed her extra sets of legs out of the way and knelt between them. “Say, brothers?”

Yeah, Jake?” Philip said as he sucked Kiana’s entire boob into his over-sized mouth, his slug-like tongue smearing rank saliva all over her quarter-sized nipple, causing it to stand erect in spite of her frustration and disgust.

‘I was thinkin’,” Jacob said as he mounted her, sinking his club-dick deep into her without needing to lube it up even slightly. She was already gushing just from the verbal abuse, titty play and chase.

Kiana grunted in pleasure in spite of herself. She had to get to Elwood, but would it really hurt to bust a few nuts with these animals beforehand?

When we was dickin’ this whore down back downstairs on Earth,” Jacob continued as he began to thrust into her in earnest causing a wet squishing sound as his golfball-sized testicles slapped against her squirming extra legs and ass. “She wasn’t down there with us, was she? Not this part’a her, I mean. Her mind. It was up here mindin’ its own business while we trashed her body ‘fore she trashed us.”

I recon,” Carl said, rubbing his cane-length dong all over Kiana’s face while she struggled to turn her head away.

An now, up here,” Jacob said, beginning to pant and sweat from the exertion as he drilled Kiana’s soaking wet pussy harder and harder. “We got her mind all trapped up, but we ain’t got her body no more. Not her for real one.”

Yeah. Whatcha getting’ at?”

Kiana couldn’t help herself anymore. She cried out again and again, equal parts pleasure and revulsion rocking her with each violent slam. In spite of herself she came, her cries muffled by Carl shoving his huge stump of a cock in her mouth at the moment of orgasm. She nearly threw up from the sensation of all those little fetus hands and feet and faces slamming in and out of her mouth and it was everything she could do to drown out the sounds of their soft cries as the creatures who made up Jacob’s mass were slowly drown in her juices.

Well,” now Jacob was huffing and puffing, clearly about to cum as he jackhammered Kiana’s pussy to the point that her outer labia had already begun to turn red and swell from Jacob’s girth and the power of his thrusts. “I just don’t think that’s fair, us only getting’ one or the Uh UH Other!”

Yeah, that’s like a ripoff!” Philip added as he raked his big dick over Kiana’s eyes and forehead while she convulsed from orgasm after orgasm. 

Jacob couldn’t hold out any longer, he retracted his length from Kiana’s beaten up hole and let it bounce free in the air above her as he couldn’t quite manage to get his baby arms around it to jack it off. In spite of that, his dong managed to ejaculate clear from Kiana’s soaking wet crotch, across her stomach, all over both her massive tits and onto her face before it stopped spurting.

He took long deep breaths as his ugly cock twitched to a stop. Then he continued. “So I’s been thinkin’. Why should we have to pick one or the other, when I got her upstairs body with me right here?”

Kiana, head only just now begnning to clear after she’d been rendered cock-drunk from the pounding Jacob had given her, looked on in horror, still covered in his squirming spunk as Jacob dug his tiny hands into his chest, rooted around much to the protest of the fetus-creatures making up his flesh, and pulled one out.

It dangled limply from his little hand as if dead. As it slowly spun around, Kiana shrieked when she saw that the face staring back at her with lifeless eyes was that of her own.


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