A Take-Down of Extreme Horror In 3 Acts

The small press fiction horror community acts without consequence. This year alone we’ve seen a Jack Ketchum tribute anthology torpedoed because of a “lack of vaginas” and the Splatter Club group be steamrolled over in favor of the Deadite Press “old guard” launching the Splatter Punk Awards. Enough is enough. I take the whole scene down in 3 acts.

Act 1 A message to the new blood:


Act 2 On KillerCon and the Splatterpunk Award:


Act 3 Deadite Press, Hell Bound Books and the incestuous horror community:


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She Was Only A Clown Chapter 50

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Chapter 50

In a flash, Kiana turned the areola on her big ass tits into gaping, fanged mouths but Carl and Plilip yanked their hands and cocks away before she was able to bite them off. She cursed herself for being so complicit in the Nelsons’ rape shenanigans. She could have put a stop to it any time she’d wanted or at least fought them to the death, maybe taking a couple of them with her along the way.

She screamed as Jacob taunted her with her little fetus body. He held it from both hands, making it dance like a small puppet. “Whassa matter, bitch? You don’t wanna go back inside?”

Say, brother,” Carl said, looking from his club-sized dong to the baby sized body in Jacob’s hands. “Ain’t that thing a little too small for our big dicks?”

Kiana detached herself from her limbs, sprayed piss and vomit out of every orifice, even tried setting herself on fire as a means to dissuade the Nelsons from what they all knew would come next. Carl and Philip endured all of her defenses, holding her snapping, writhing, burning body in place as Jacob puzzled over the tiny fetus body.

Yer right. We cain’t fuck this. Least not long ‘fore it’s fucked to pieces. I wonder…” Jacob pulled and stretched on the limp fetus-creature until its limbs elongated. Chuckling, he did the same with its head and torso, molding Kiana’s true alien body bigger and thicker until he was holding in his little hands a human-sized body exactly the same size as Kiana’s astral-self kicking and wailing on the ground under him.

We got ourselves a fuck puppet!” Jacob yelled in delight as he tossed the lifeless creature on top of Kiana’s astral projection.

She thrashed and pleaded but it was futile. Her ectomorphic consciousness seeped back into the pores of her alien body like smoke sucked up a chimney. Moments later the fetus creature, now a full-sized pink body, blinked its eyes. “No! NoNoNoNoNo!” She screamed, balling up her arms and legs, trying to will herself back out of the body. But images of the puppy were simply not enough, faced with the horrific reality of not only being raped and killed by the Nelsons, not only failing the mission Elwood had given her, but doing all of these things inside the grotesque body of a pink fetus creature was too much for her to psychically overcome. She was trapped in the physical realm with three redneck monsters about to pounce on her delicate, prone body.

Yeeah, now we talkin’!” Carl said, standing up on his huge monster legs, pushing his way around to take Jacob’s spot between Kiana’s legs.

Why’s it your turn?” Philip protested, coming up on Jacob’s other side, giant head bobbing menacingly.

Ain’t nobody said I was done yet!” Jacob said, waving his tiny arms at his brothers. “I need me a piece of this real flesh before either of you nasty fuckers get your dirty dicks anywhere near it! I’m the one made her like this!”

The three Nelson brothers began attacking one another, completely forgetting about Kiana laying beneath them. Quickly, she skittered out from under their stomping feet and dove for the fetus pod where Elwood’s mind-thread ended. She scrambled to take the lid off, its contents too fogged up to see from outside.

Behind her the Nelsons were still shouting, only now she heard words like cunt and cum dumpster being hurled her way so she knew she didn’t have much time. The lid finally came loose. She tossed it aside and reached into the pink muck, pulling the little creature inside free.

She was right! The lifeless fetus-body had Elwood’s face! This was the right pod! She jammed her hands back into the pink liquid, feeling around for the bomb Elwood had told her about as she heard the Nelson’s stomping up behind her, but there was nothing else inside.

Goddamnit, Elwood! What the fuck do I do now!” she screamed in frustration, rolling over onto her butt to face the backwoods horrors rushing up on her.

It was worse than she’d imagined. All three Nelsons had somehow become intertwined. What lumbered up to her had three legs, two massive–obviously belonging to Carl–and one normal sized jutting out from where their penises should have been. All three heads were fused together with Jacob’s tiny arms sticking up from the tops of their fused heads, looking like obscene antlers. The rest of their arms stuck out of various places on their thick torso and, worst of all, all three of their huge fetus-dicks had wound together creating a massive sexual protrusion extending from their stomach like the trunk of some nightmarish elephant.

And they were ready to fuck.

Kiana shook the Elwood-fetus in her hands. “Tell me what to do! Tell me, fucker! It’s too fucking late! I’m gonna fucking die and these sick fuckers are gonna win! Talk to me!”

But the fetus hung limp as ever, Elwood’s consciousness no longer present.

The Nelson monster stopped inches from Kiana. Its trunk-sized dong twitched and dribbled pre-cum all over the tentacle floor. “It’s over, sexy bitch,” the three heads said in unison. “We gone fuck you in half, then fuck you with the other half!”

Kiana tried to scramble free but the Nelson-thing snatched her up by her leg, spun her around, and impaled her on its penis-weapon before she could escape. It was far too large. She was bleeding from the crotch before the thing’s triple head had even worked its way completely inside of her. She was quickly stretched passed her body’s breaking point, unable to do anything but hang there being death-fucked in defeat, holding Elwood’s fetus body like a child’s toy.

And that’s when it happened.

The little fetus creatures making up the Nelson monster’s stomach began to scream and flail worse than they already did naturally. A ring around the base of the trunk-cock rippled and expanded, much to the shock of the Nelsons who looked down in disbelief as a face took shape around their mutated sex organ.

It was the face of a clown.

Elwood’s face, still clad in the mask he’d died in at the hands of Mark Nelson and the Entity appeared out of the Nelson’s flesh. His mouth closed around the dreaded triple dong and, as he fully solidified on their body, bit down, severing the flopping, bleeding tri-wang with one massive chomp.

The Nelsons wailed and pawed at Elwood’s face as Kiana, still impaled on the dong, fell free to the ground. Her entire lower half was ruined. Her legs landed twisted at weird angles. Most of her intestines pulled free as she yanked the three dicks from herself. She would bleed out in seconds.

Please! Tell me what to do! Where is the bomb!” she pleaded.

Elwood’s sad eyes focused on her. He mouthed two simple words before the Nelsons clawed him to shreds with their clawlike hands.

Those words were: Kill Me.

Kiana wept. She shook her head. Even dying, even knowing that the only way to save Earth was for her, Elwood and everything inside the gargantuan celestial body of the Entity to die, she did not want to be the one to end Elwood’s life.

It was a sick joke. Elwood was the only man to ever save her life. He was the only person she’d ever met who’d trusted her. In spite of everything. He was the only person who knew everything about how terrible of a human being she was. He accepted her. Confided in her. Teamed up with her to do the most important thing any living person had ever done in the course of human history.

And now she had to kill him. She laughed through her tears as the Nelsons bled and screamed. This was her job. Elwood had known the Entity would not let him win. Would not allow him to destroy it. He’d become too connected to it. He’d become a part of it. But her? She was a psycho fucking killer and as she squeezed the little fetus-Elwood’s neck until the small head popped off, erupting in a geyser of pink fluid, she did indeed get a sick kick out of murdering the only person she could say will all honest that she really and truly loved.

Kiana fell to her back, her vision failing as she bled out. The decapitated fetus body began to beep. It turned transparent. There, inside, connected to its little fetus heart was the bomb. As its heart shuddered and stopped, the bomb heated up.

A deep rumbling not from the bomb but from every fetus-pod in the entire unfathomably large body of the Entity drowned out the bomb’s beeping. Billions upon untold and uncountable billions of fetus creatures rushed toward Kiana, all in an attempt to stop from exploding the one thing in the entire existence of reality that could destroy their captor. Their tormentor. Their dark, un-killable god.

The Nelsons split in two as the eye of the Entity burst forth, rushing at Kiana’s body and Elwood’s fetus. It, along with every captive soul it possessed tried, to no avail, to contain the blast as the fetus, Kiana, the Nelsons, and every fetus connected to Elwood’s mind-thread erupted in searing, beautiful white light.


Check back next Saturday for the Epilogue!