Cotton Candy Full Audio Book For Patreon

Mr. P was just your average, ordinary junior college English professor, that is until his wife unexpectedly dies. Without his moral compass to guide him, Mr. P soon spirals into a pit of despair, indulging in every form of fleshy carnality his 62 year old mind can imagine. After learning of a secret gangbang party from a flyer found at his local porn shop, Mr. P embarks on a bizarre journey involving midgets with huge cocks, female-to-male transgender bangers, and a hostess whose kinks involve more than just dressing up like a giant stuffed animal. Has Mr. P bitten off more than he can chew? Will his perversions prove fatal? Find out in this novella by Hardcore Bizarro virtuoso Kevin Strange!

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Joreck And The Swamp Phantoms Of Ikk Full Audio Book For Patreon

Joreck The Barbarian returns with another strange adventure. This time, Joreck, Orilious, Treena and Nirod lead a group of stranded townsfolk through the haunted swamps of Ikk. When Orilious goes missing, it’s up to Joreck and the rest of his mercenaries to find their blood brother before it’s too late.
But what if Orilious doesn’t want to be found?

Joreck and The Swamp Phantoms of Ikk is the second tale in Kevin Strange’s weird sword and sorcery collection coming soon in print from!

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RTS 05: H.P. Lovecraft’s Racism

The Strangeville train just keeps on a-rollin, gang! New month, new serialized audio book and NEW controversial topic to discuss! Since February is black history month, the boys could think of no better topic to put in the forefront than the new whipping boy of the social justice literary community: H.P. Lovecraft.

In this episode, Kevin and Jeremy discuss Lovecraft’s racist views, how they affected his fiction, and whether or not his influence and works should be banned from public consumption.

But first they introduce this week’s reading! This week on RTS, we debut Kevin Strange’s Lovecraftian novella MCHUMANS. Ricky, Chef, and the rest of the gang are tasked with providing Lord Cthulhu with catering for his big ritual ceremony wherein he intends to bring the rest of the Elder Gods back to this plane!

The boys finish the episode by prepping fans for next week’s episode: The internet’s┬áracist smear campaign against Lovecraft!