RTS 14: The Origin Of Cotton Candy

Kevin finally logged back in to Facebook after a 4 month hiatus this week, only to discover a message from one of his bizarro fiction buddies. Well, ex-buddies now, as he was told he should be ashamed of himself for his coverage of #BizarroGate.

Instead of responding to said ex-buddy, Kevin promptly logged out of that shitshow government surveillance website and took to the airwaves to record a public response on this week’s episode of READING TO STRANGERS.

After that epic rant, the boys throw to episode one of Kevin’s weird sex gangbang novella COTTON CANDY (which is available in paperback and kindle on amazon.com.)

After the jump, Kevin and Jeremy discuss the origins of the novella, the STRANGE SEX anthology it originally appeared in and even some of the origin story behind the StrangeHouse brand.

This is a classic episode and a great way to kick off Gangbang month. Be sure to follow our fanpage at Facebook.com/ReadingToStrangers and throw us a buck at Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange if you want to hear the rest of the COTTON CANDY audio book in full and commercial free right now!

Till next week, gang. Keep reading!