RTS 19: Is Lovecraftian Fiction Dead?

Kevin and Jeremy Hype next week’s live episode on Facebook which airs Saturday, May 20th at 8pm CST. They talk about finishing up the audio book recording phase of Kevin’s killer robot novella COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased in paperback and kindle here.) Then Kevin rants about the connections between all the different books in his strangeville fiction universe.

The boys then talk about Kevin’s short story collection THE LAST GIG ON PLANET EARTH AND OTHER STRANGE STORIES (which can be purchased in paperback and kindle here) and how it was influenced by Kevin’s college creative writing class. They then introduce this week’s reading, a one-off stand-alone from the collection called A GLORIOUS DEATH.

After the break, Kevin talks about Lovecraftian scholar Robert M. Price’s excommunication from the Lovecraftian writing community. Kevin then reads aloud an email he sent to Mr. Price’s LOVECRAFT GEEK podcast, and then the boys discuss Bob’s answer to the email on Episode 28 of THE LOVECRAFT GEEK at the 28:30 minute mark.

After that, they hype up the live show one last time. If you want a chance to win free books, be sure to follow the Reading To Strangers podcast on Facebook at Facebook.com/KevinTheStrange.

With that, we’ll catch you on the live show. Remember, gang, keep reading!

RTS 17: Kevin’s Social Media Warpath

We’ve got a live one for you this week, gang! Kevin’s back on social media and he’s cutting a warpath through all the bullshit in the online writing community. Join us as he absolutely eviscerates the newest attempt by the horror writer trendies to deflect, deny and project their sycophantic nepotism in an essay entitled “The Un-Buddy System.”

The first segment goes way, way long before Kevin mercifully shuts his mouth and he and Jeremy throw to the third part of the weird cannibal were-teddy bear gangbang story COTTON CANDY (which is available in paperback and kindle on amazon.com. Or as an uncut, commercial free audio book in full here at our Patreon page.)

When they come back from break, Jeremy gets Kevin to reveal his involvement in the new Craig Spector edited anthology FREEDOM OF SCREECH. Then after a few more choice words for the trendies in the writing community, the boys finally bring this extra-long episode to a close.

Join us next week, gang, as we tackle the COTTON CANDY finale! Till then, remember to follow us on Facebook and as always, keep reading!



RTS 16: Cotton Candy Part 2

READING TO STRANGERS is back to our regularly scheduled program after last week’s impromptu Easter special. Kevin and Jeremy get personal this week and share gangbang stories from their personal lives.

The first segment ends up going way over time thanks to the boys swapping sex stories before finally throwing to this week’s reading. This week we hear the second part of Kevin Strange’s weird furry gangbang novella COTTON CANDY (which is available here in paperback and here on kindle.)

After the break the hosts talk about the crazy shit they just heard and then go on a long rant about Patreon which you can get involved with by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget to like the READING TO STRANGER Facebook page where you can tell Jeremy which Kevin Strange novel you’d like to hear read on the podcast next!

That’ll do for this week, gang. Remember, keep reading!