TQP 23: A Podcast On the Borderland w/ S.T. Joshi

Joshi is something of a magnet for detractors due to his outspoken criticism of weird fiction and its many authors. Most recently, Joshi drew the ire of one Brian Keene. Seeing as Keene would never see fit to have Joshi on his ‘Horror Show’ as a guest (he doesn’t live in Pennsylvania and isn’t friends with the host, after all), we here in Strangeville wasted no time in extending an invitation to the esteemed man who has made his life not only Lovecraft, but the slow creeping evolution of the weird tale.

Also covered: the veritable ‘who’s who’ list of Joshi detractors. See if you can catch your name in there! Joshi revealed to Maddux in the course of this interview that he has more than thirty projects in various stages of development, from memoirs to anthologies, his second collection of criticism (21st Century Horror) and even a novel called Something From Below. You can find out all you need to know at his website:www.stjoshi.org.

RTS 19: Is Lovecraftian Fiction Dead?

Kevin and Jeremy Hype next week’s live episode on Facebook which airs Saturday, May 20th at 8pm CST. They talk about finishing up the audio book recording phase of Kevin’s killer robot novella COMPUTERFACE (which can be purchased in paperback and kindle here.) Then Kevin rants about the connections between all the different books in his strangeville fiction universe.

The boys then talk about Kevin’s short story collection THE LAST GIG ON PLANET EARTH AND OTHER STRANGE STORIES (which can be purchased in paperback and kindle here) and how it was influenced by Kevin’s college creative writing class. They then introduce this week’s reading, a one-off stand-alone from the collection called A GLORIOUS DEATH.

After the break, Kevin talks about Lovecraftian scholar Robert M. Price’s excommunication from the Lovecraftian writing community. Kevin then reads aloud an email he sent to Mr. Price’s LOVECRAFT GEEK podcast, and then the boys discuss Bob’s answer to the email on Episode 28 of THE LOVECRAFT GEEK at the 28:30 minute mark.

After that, they hype up the live show one last time. If you want a chance to win free books, be sure to follow the Reading To Strangers podcast on Facebook at Facebook.com/KevinTheStrange.

With that, we’ll catch you on the live show. Remember, gang, keep reading!

RTS 08: The McHumans Finale

Welcome back, gang! Kevin and Jeremy have a full plate for you as we round out the end of February and head toward March!

This week we wrap up the serialized lovecraftian bizarro novella McHumans. But before we get into that crazy shit, the boys drop some updates on Kevin’s forthcoming paranormal romance book (which he calls a mutant love story) I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES.

They also announce the birth of Strangeville editor Sean Ferrari’s new baby and decide to give him an impromptu call on the air (which turns out disastrous!)

Kevin gets personal about his aborted rap career and after the break the boys delve into some more tasty tidbits about McHUMANS before setting up the epic month of March. In Strangeville, March is barbarian month!

They talk about the never-before-heard Joreck The Barbarian series and set up the first week of March’s JORECK AND THE SHOGGOTH STEEL reading. Be sure to come back next week for that action!

Till next time, gang. Keep Reading!