Explosive New Kevin Strange Interview

The following is an excerpt from the explosive new Kevin Strange interview conducted by author Curtis M. Lawson. Read the interview in its entirety here as Kevin speaks on Donald Trump, ICP, work ethic in genre fiction and much much more!


A while back you had a falling out with the bizarro community. Was that mainly because of your politics?


It was mainly because of THEIR politics. Specifically it was the infiltration of social justice and cultural Marxism into all online writing communities. I’ve always been at odds with ANTIFA jackoffs like Jeff Burk, but most recently the thing that really sent the SJW bizarros into orbit was when I called them out on their social media shaming of a BizarroCon attendee from the 2016 show.

 You can hear all about it on my podcast READING TO STRANGERS where I break down the entire shitshow which basically involved a kid who developed a crush on the wrong man-hatting feminist and got called out publicly by her friends for daring to speak about his crush on his own travel-blog.

 Matters escalated when famous horror author Brian Keene bravely stepped in to white-knight for said man-hater, claiming to have eye-witnessed the kid sexually harassing her at BizarroCon.

 This was just patently false, so I called him out on it. Good intentions or not, the guy has too much power and too much clout in the industry to go around lying about kids half his age at horror cons just so he can play captain save-a-ho. So that got me banned from his podcast, which I’d recently guested on. I like Brian a lot as a human and as a badass horror writer. But I hate white-knights and I hate feminists, so I stood on the side of truth and called all those motherfuckers out.

 At literally the same time this was going on, I got an anonymous email dropped into my lap that one of BizarroCon’s close friends, another author and attendee of the show had been brought up on federal charges for allegedly molesting a sleeping woman on an airplane flight. Worse, the father of the alleged victim was trying to post this information onto BizarroCon’s facebook page, but it was deleted, effectively using the convention’s social media platform to protect an alleged sexual predator.

 Look, this always gets twisted as me hating this author and having it out for him. I keep saying I like the dude and he’s always been cool with me, but when you’re using your convention platform to ban one guy for doing nothing more than talking to a girl, while deleting posts from your page to protect your friend, I gotta err on the side of truth again. How about we STOP SOCIALLY SHAMING period. Then none of this shit would happen.

 Anyway, like I said, you can listen to the whole saga on my podcast if you really want the full details. But that’s why bizarro doesn’t like me anymore. Incidentally my newest collection ALL THE TOXIC WASTE FROM MY HEART was still up for nomination for the big bizarro Wonderland award this year, so big props to them for maintaining their credibility even after I publicly roasted them for morally aggrandizing and virtue signalling only when convenient for them. 


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Over 9000 Downloads

Man, what a year it’s been here at the Strangeville Podcast Network! We started things off with a bang when we confronted the powers that be at Bizarrocon about banning an author from their convention for dubious reasons, kicked right into the notorious #Bizarrogate and continued to put out top quality and compelling content throughout 2017, including bringing on The Quiet Place podcast and its host Jeremy Maddux.

Amazingly you all have continued to listen throughout our journey and have made each month grow bigger than the last. I am delighted to announce that we have surpassed 9,000 downloads after less than seven months as a broadcast network. That may seem like a tiny drop to some of you, but to us it’s HUGE!

I’ve personally grinded out hour after hour behind the editing desk churning out new episodes twice, three sometimes four times weekly for you to listen to, all in the pursuit of rationality, common sense and the truth while doing my best to entertain you with exclusive audio books and cult movie reviews.

You may have noticed a slowdown at the network lately as shows have come more infrequently than they usually do. This does NOT spell the end of the SPN. Not hardly. I’m simply taking a break, recharging my batteries and reorganizing some things behind the scenes to free up more of my time to take care of my own personal health and well being.

I could continue to do 3, 4, 5 hours of content a week, but I’d be dead in 5 years. I have to put me and my health first. I’m prone to overworking myself to the detriment of my physical well being and that has to take a back seat if I hope to be able to continue to do ANY work at all.

To that end, I’ve more or less left social media again for the time being, and put most of the shows at the SPN on a temporary hold. Jeremy Maddux will continue to put out his excellent Quiet Place podcast with amazing guests like Youtuber LA Werewolf and political cartoonist Ben Garrision. While I’m on hiatus I will continue to work behind the scenes with Jeremy to help produce what I think is the best show on the network.

Reading With Strangers and Watching With Strangers will be back soon with slightly updated formats that make my recording and editing schedules easier to deal with.

We ain’t going nowhere gang. Not now, not ever. Strangeville is a state of mind, and it is here to stay!

-Kevin Strange 7/12/2017

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