TQP 40: The Goodbye Show w/ Richard Schenkman (Director of The Man From Earth)

This episode is dedicated to the memory of John Stone of Johnson City, TN.

Opening clip provided by youtube Shaliek.

Intro music provided by: The Powerwalker (An Uninvited Guest)

Closing music provided by: Kevin Macleod (Mystery Sax)

Interview with the director of The Man From Earth, about a man who has lived for 14,000 years without knowing how or why. I cannot recommend this film and its recent follow up, Man From Earth: Holocene, enough!

www.manfromearth.com for more info!

You can contact me at: sickfixx@gmail.com

TQP 39: Vapor Island Tourist Trap w/ Robert Stark

First off, thanks to retrowave artist The Powerwalker for the new musical intro.

Pre-opening soundclip is credited to youtuber David Zublick.

On this episode, Maddux talks to author and podcaster Robert Stark about his new book, Journey to Vapor Island, about a Jewish boy who dreams of ruling an Aryan paradise with neon lights and Greco-Roman architecture alongside his blond haired, blue eyed Jewish queen. Also expect a few excursions into contemporary political subjects such as the rumored Hillary/Huma snuff film on the Dark Web, and Mueller’s unending quest to prove Russian collusion even as Trump threatens all out war with Russia. D-U-M-B!

You can find more about Robert Stark at: www.starktruthradio.com

You can find more music from The Powerwalker at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gh...

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TQP 38: Montauk Chronicles w/ Director Chris Garetano

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Art Bell, who made late night talk radio his bitch.

The show opens with Maddux talking about Smallville actress Allison Mack’s involvement in a sex cult. Also touched upon is the man in London who stabbed an intruder in self defense. The intruder’s family has been on an unholy, demonic crusade to erect shrines to the deceased thug in front of the victim’s home, forcing them to seek shelter in a safe house provided by authorities. Henry Vincent was no good! And his daughter can’t spell for shit, judging by the ‘tribute’ she left for him.

Next up is our esteemed guest, Chris Garetano, director of Montauk Chronicles and The Dark Files.

Christopher Garetano has been on a ten year mission to unravel the mysteries of the Montauk Project, a legend that has survived for decades on the lips of men claiming to have worked for a top secret project focused on everything from mind control to dimension hopping. In those ten years, Garetano has been able to confirm aspects of the legend, which is discussed here.

You can find more about Chris and his projects at: www.mtkchronicles.com