TQP 39: Vapor Island Tourist Trap w/ Robert Stark

First off, thanks to retrowave artist The Powerwalker for the new musical intro.

Pre-opening soundclip is credited to youtuber David Zublick.

On this episode, Maddux talks to author and podcaster Robert Stark about his new book, Journey to Vapor Island, about a Jewish boy who dreams of ruling an Aryan paradise with neon lights and Greco-Roman architecture alongside his blond haired, blue eyed Jewish queen. Also expect a few excursions into contemporary political subjects such as the rumored Hillary/Huma snuff film on the Dark Web, and Mueller’s unending quest to prove Russian collusion even as Trump threatens all out war with Russia. D-U-M-B!

You can find more about Robert Stark at: www.starktruthradio.com

You can find more music from The Powerwalker at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6gh...

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