Why Kevin Strange Stopped Fighting SJWs

What’s happening to Owen Benjamin has me reevaluating my approach to social media.
You see, when a strong-willed person gets attacked by the leftist social justice mobs, we don’t cower, or apologize or self-flagellate.
We fight back. We get louder. We expose the hypocrisy of outrage culture. We try to educate moderates about the dangers of trying to regulate speech.
But what ends up happening, as with what’s happening with Owen now, is our entire career and personality become fused with the fight. We lose our way, what originally led us down the path toward an artistic lifestyle.
Owen Benjamin has been banned from Twitter, suspended from Youtube and will soon lose his Patreon and eventually his Paypal because he won’t stop fighting.
Should he stop? No, of course he shouldn’t. But there are more ways to fight the Left than to break their draconian rules and disappear into the fringes of the internet where we can no longer support ourselves and our families financially.
Right now, the Left has the power. They can silence us all over the internet. We can’t stop them from doing that if we don’t have a voice with which to reach the masses.
I keep seeing this happen with people I admire in the culture war. David Seaman, LA Werewolf, now Owen Benjamin. We can’t just martyr ourselves on the swords of the Left. If we’re all removed from the internet, we’ve lost the fight.
There have to be better ways to fight than kamikaze strikes that we know will get us banned and deplatformed. At this point, everyone on the internet knows what an SJW is. Everyone understands the concept of cultural Marxism. We’ve been preaching it now for years.
There are three camps: Those who reject the left, those who support the left, and those who remain neutral for their own benefit. That’s it. There’s no one left to educate on the subject. Not on the internet, anyway.
So, while Owen Benjamin continues to spiral into obscurity in some kind of honor suicide, I’ll be looking for better ways to fight. My social media will no longer be an anti-left news aggregator feedback loop for my right-leaning friends. I’ve been doing that for almost two years and have no reason to believe it’s helped my career in any way.
I used to say the war was more important than our careers, but without our careers as artists there’s virtually no reason to fight the war. My views are clear. Painfully clear. Everyone who knows me knows where I stand on political and social issues.
It’s time to get back to work. It’s time to write a fuck-ton of books. It’s time to take my career as seriously again as I’ve been taking this war which is so much bigger than me and so much bigger than Owen Benjamin.
We have to have faith that our votes matter and that freedom will win out in the end. We cannot commit cultural suicide. We must re-group and lead by example. Or at least that’s my plan. Through my art and my family and my support of freedom-loving businesses, I will show how much better and more fulfilling life is outside of the cultural Marxist cult.
Stay well my friends. We shall win in the end.

RTS 02: What If Edward Lee Was An SJW Scapegoat?

Kevin and Jeremy return for another action packed episode of READING TO STRANGERS! The boys get us up to speed on all things strange before jumping into part 2 of the serial saga of THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED!

Returning from break, the perverted duo jump right into Kevin Strange’s alternate dimension where infamous gunman Dylann Roof proudly displays an Edward Lee horror novel on his social media instead of a confederate flag. They discuss the many ways our culture would react to such a revelation and then illustrate the blatant hypocrisy that many in the publishing industry display when virtue signalling for the removal of things like the confederate flag from online retail stores.

After a quick preview of next week’s show “Pop Culture Convention Survival Guide for White Guys” they end the show.

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You Might Be A Social Justice Bizarro If…

There seems to be some confusion among my fellow genre fiction writers about what exactly constitutes insane social justice behavior, so I’ve created this handy guide to show you just what kind of batshit crazy, group-think type behavior falls into the category of cunty individual that I’ll forever be calling The Social Justice Bizarro.

Please keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. There are MANY more examples of thought policing, cyber bullying, and generally oppressive behavior that will get you lumped into the SJB category. This is just a “greatest hits” list, if you will.

1. If you clicked on this link out of a knee jerk reaction of anger and denial, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

2. If you’re a white person who has ever called another white person a “white person” as a pejorative, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

3. If you believe a fellow writer guilty of a crime like STALKING or HARASSMENT without said writer ever being charged with or convicted of said crime, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

4. If you hate men, constantly criticize men on the internet, write feminist literature, exclude men from your publishing house, then hide behind “Feminism is about equality,” you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

5. If you’ve ever participated in, gawked at for your own entertainment, shared the links for the purpose of, or otherwise enabled a social media witch hunt of any kind, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

6. If you’ve ever publicly called for, celebrated, or otherwise encouraged the removal of art from the marketplace that you personally deem objectionable, E.G. a flag, a book, a movie, or a music recording, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

7. If you attack one religion through fictional parody, criticism, blatant and thorough blasphemy or other means of discounting and discrediting it but find this exact same behavior objectionable when attributed to another religion, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

8. If you’ve ever used the terms racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and transphobia together like some kind of identity politics button mashing video game attack combo, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

9. If you celebrate the act of turning your social and political enemies gay in fiction just for the purpose of seeing them humiliated, then you might be (actually homophobic) a Social Justice Bizarro.

10. If you take even the slightest criticism of the genre, the leadership of the genre, the online behavior of the genre community or any other type of constructive debate as hostile and immediately move to discredit and excommunicate the individual expressing the criticism, you might belong to a cult. And you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

Don’t be a Social Justice Bizarro.