You Might Be A Social Justice Bizarro If…

There seems to be some confusion among my fellow genre fiction writers about what exactly constitutes insane social justice behavior, so I’ve created this handy guide to show you just what kind of batshit crazy, group-think type behavior falls into the category of cunty individual that I’ll forever be calling The Social Justice Bizarro.

Please keep in mind, this is not an exhaustive list. There are MANY more examples of thought policing, cyber bullying, and generally oppressive behavior that will get you lumped into the SJB category. This is just a “greatest hits” list, if you will.

1. If you clicked on this link out of a knee jerk reaction of anger and denial, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

2. If you’re a white person who has ever called another white person a “white person” as a pejorative, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

3. If you believe a fellow writer guilty of a crime like STALKING or HARASSMENT without said writer ever being charged with or convicted of said crime, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

4. If you hate men, constantly criticize men on the internet, write feminist literature, exclude men from your publishing house, then hide behind “Feminism is about equality,” you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

5. If you’ve ever participated in, gawked at for your own entertainment, shared the links for the purpose of, or otherwise enabled a social media witch hunt of any kind, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

6. If you’ve ever publicly called for, celebrated, or otherwise encouraged the removal of art from the marketplace that you personally deem objectionable, E.G. a flag, a book, a movie, or a music recording, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

7. If you attack one religion through fictional parody, criticism, blatant and thorough blasphemy or other means of discounting and discrediting it but find this exact same behavior objectionable when attributed to another religion, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

8. If you’ve ever used the terms racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and transphobia together like some kind of identity politics button mashing video game attack combo, you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

9. If you celebrate the act of turning your social and political enemies gay in fiction just for the purpose of seeing them humiliated, then you might be (actually homophobic) a Social Justice Bizarro.

10. If you take even the slightest criticism of the genre, the leadership of the genre, the online behavior of the genre community or any other type of constructive debate as hostile and immediately move to discredit and excommunicate the individual expressing the criticism, you might belong to a cult. And you might be a Social Justice Bizarro.

Don’t be a Social Justice Bizarro.