RTS 04: Why Kevin Strange Quit Social Media

READING TO STRANGERS is BACK with a new episode that’s sure to ruffle the feathers of the regressive left, as usual. This time, our fearless hosts Kevin and Jeremy serenade your pink pussy hats with the FINAL part of Kevin’s weird monster novelette, THE HUMANS UNDER THE BED.

After the break, Kevin goes on a classic rant about why Myspace was infinitely better than Facebook and why he’s finally peaced out from social media altogether. And it wouldn’t be an episode of RTS without Kevin flipping out about social media writing cliques.

After he catches his breath The Strange One previews next week’s show, “On H.P. Lovecraft’s Racism” and the theme for February: H.P. Lovecraft. After that they end the show by previewing next month’s serialized story: MCHUMANS.

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RAS 01: Living And Dying On The Internet

In this, the first episode of the philosophy and critical thinking podcast, RANTING AT STRANGERS, Ben and Kevin wax philosophical about what it means to live and, eventually, to die on the internet.

They discuss the gruesome livestreamed suicide of 12 year old Katelyn Nicole Davis, and the brutal livestream kidnapping and beating of a mentally handicapped man in Chicago.

Kevin talks about the first wave of internet chat rooms in the 90s and Ben talks about what it was like being born into a world that was already fully online.

They discuss how social media controls the lives of its users and gets them addicted to that next instant message or notification, and what the first livestreamed casket funeral on social media will be like.

Listen as two generations discuss life on and off the internet.

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Till next time, keep ranting, gang!

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