Nixon And Hogan Meet Pennywise! (WEBCOMIC)

Gang! We are just ONE WEEK away from the launch of our INDIEGOGO campaign for DEAD SHIT: The COMIC BOOK the complete 3 issue series! To celebrate, Nixon and Hogan are meeting Pennywise The Motherfucking Dancing Clown in this quicky webtoon!

Enjoy, Strangeheads, and remember to come back here next Tuesday, September 17th to jump in and grab your comics! Come in early and DEEP in those high-end tiers to help quickly unlock the RAD stretch goals for ALL backers!

Hack Movies Returns to Youtube

Gang! In honor of Diamanda Hagan’s new Youtube review of Kevin’s 2008 feature length film COLONEL KILL MOTHERFUCKERS, we have decided to ULOCK the vaults for a LIMITED TIME and return ALL ELEVEN short and feature length films in the Hack Movies Strangeville universe to Youtube ABSOLUTELY FREE!

For those unfamiliar with Diamanda Hagan, she’s a prolific youtube film critic who has made it her mission to review ALL of the Kevin Strange feature flilms. She’s been at it for quite some time now, reviewing NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS, DEAD SHIT and now COLONEL KILL MOTHERFUCKERS!

Watch that review right here:

We here at the Strangeville compound were so moved by this trip down memory lane, we decided to unlock the vault and let the Hack Movies FREE once again, but only for a limited time! So if you’re in the mood to watch some schlock horror/comedy goodness, park your big ass in front of the TV and click here to watch ALL the hack movies on youtube for FREE!