The 2020s: Strangeville Style

The 2010s are over, gang. Just like that. Another decade in the rear view. As 2009 became 2010, the Hack Movies crew was working furiously on what would turn out to be our final feature length film, NIXON AND HOGAN SMOKE CHRISTMAS.

After that, we took a wrong turn up our own asses and spent the better part of the ’10s writing some of the coolest bizarro fiction you’ll never hear of because toxic man-babies in that “scene” are more worried about looking pretty at the cool girls table than rewarding literary merit.

We finally pulled out of that proverbial skid late in the decade and I’m proud to say that we finished the ’10s writing and drawing the epic 3 issue, 120 page DEAD SHIT: THE TALISMAN OF TRANSMUTATION comic book which scored us two successful crowd funding campaigns on IndieGoGo and the biggest “pre-order” of my career.

It all comes back to Strangeville. Last year I wrote my year-end wrap up excited to launch the comic. This year I get to officially announce the next whacked out Strangeville project: STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED: The Card Game For Stoners.

This crazy shit is a 100+ card deck building game that pits ALL of the characters of Strangeville against one another as players duke it out for drug dealing supremacy on the streets of Strangeville.

I wrote it, developed it, play tested it and am currently in the process of drawing all of the brand new art for the cards. This game is INSANE! The more you play, the more combos you find and the crazier the action gets. Here’s just a quick example of how a couple of the cards work together.

Ole Steeve-O and Shaniqua there can both be sacrificed to summon the big D himself for less than he would cost on his own, giving you a big advantage on the streets as Satan is one of the most powerful characters in the game. Having him in play could easily win you the game.

And those are just 3 of the over 100 cards in this game! The combos are endless! No two games of SMOKE WEED will ever play the same!

So as we say goodbye to the 2010s, let’s all get ready to say hello to the 2020s and to STRANGEVILLE SMOKE WEED: The Card game hitting IndieGoGo with sweet stretch goal goodies just like the comic book! AND just like the comic book, the game will be PRINTED and READY TO SHIP before the campaign launches in March.

We’ve already shown you twice this year that our no-risk campaigns come with BIG rewards! Get ready to join us in March as we do it all over again!

I keep telling you, gang. We’re JUST getting started!

Nixon And Hogan Meet Pennywise! (WEBCOMIC)

Gang! We are just ONE WEEK away from the launch of our INDIEGOGO campaign for DEAD SHIT: The COMIC BOOK the complete 3 issue series! To celebrate, Nixon and Hogan are meeting Pennywise The Motherfucking Dancing Clown in this quicky webtoon!

Enjoy, Strangeheads, and remember to come back here next Tuesday, September 17th to jump in and grab your comics! Come in early and DEEP in those high-end tiers to help quickly unlock the RAD stretch goals for ALL backers!