Vampire Guts In Nuke Town Chapter 3

Vampire Guts in Nuketown was originally published in 2013. It is available to purchase in full via Kindle or paperback by clicking here. Before reading this chapter, catch up with chapter 0chapter 1, and chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Slowly, methodically, Guts maneuvered himself into a sitting position in front of his knife. If Shelly were to notice, he was a dead man. Not that he gave himself much of a chance, anyway. He’d really fucked up this time. It was going to take a real miracle to survive this incestuous nightmare, and miracles were hard to come by in the vampire-infested, irradiated wasteland…

Shelly looked up, startled. She seemed lost in thought. Maybe, just maybe, she hadn’t seen him put himself between her and his only means of escape…

She wiped the tears from her eyes and stood, grabbing the shotgun as she did so.

Guts tensed. Had she seen his movement? He gripped the handle of the knife and waited.

Shelly made her way over to where he sat. He looked up into her beautiful face. His, in contrast, lay open, bleeding, broken.

“He hasn’t always been this way.” She sat down in front of Guts. “He was such a happy boy, my big brother. Always smiling.”

Shelly frowned, her mind drifting to a better time, a better place.

Guts waited, slowly letting go of the knife handle, returning to work on his bindings, sliding them up and down against the blade oh so slowly.

“When it happened, our parents didn’t want to believe it. Remember the breathing masks and gloves they handed out at schools and hospitals when they first learned the virus could be spread by saliva?”

Guts nodded, cutting through the first layer of tarp binding.

“Yeah, well, my parents didn’t buy any of that crap. Said it was hysteria, like the bird flu or whatever. Said it would pass and life would go on.

“One day, Nicky and I came home from school to find my mother on top of my father, eating his face. When I tried to run to them, my mom turned on me. Nicky had to stab his own mother in the heart and burn the bodies of both his parents. That really fucks a person up, you know?”

She was crying again. Tears streamed down her face.

“We followed our uncle to what he called a Safe Place, but it turned out to be one of those blood sacrifice cults. My uncle tried to offer me up to the New Gods. Nicky killed him, too, and we ran. God, we’ve been running for so long, out here on the road. We’ve spent too much time in the sun. The light, it’s changed Nicky. He hasn’t always… looked like that.

“But we can’t go back. They know what we look like in the outposts. The cultists have people looking for us. God, how long has it been? Months. Maybe even a year. I hate it out here. I just want a normal home with normal people. I-“

She looked into Guts’ face, maternal instinct taking over. She wiped blood away from his wounded mouth. He winced in pain at her touch.

“I’m so sorry we hurt you. It was… Nicky’s idea. There’s just nothing left out here. No food. No water. But I don’t like it. Tricking people, hurting people. At first we just took what we needed, even left them with stuff when we already had extra. But now… now Nicky’s different. He likes to hurt people. Likes to touch me in front of them, and drink that Poog stuff. Makes me drink it, too. I hate it, makes me feel all loopy, and… when I do it, I like it when Nicky touches me. I know it’s wrong. I know that stuff’s like a drug.”

She was sobbing now. Her chest heaved with every gasp.

“Can you…” she leaned in close.

Guts tensed. He gripped the knife again, ready to jam it right into her chin, if he had to.

“…take me away from all this?” Her big eyes, so full of pain, so wise for their years, were making Guts hard again. He didn’t want to have to kill her. He wanted to fuck her.

“Couldn’t we…” She laid her head on Guts’ chest. “…just disappear?”

Silently, Guts cut through the remainder of his ties.

Shelly looked up. She hesitated for a moment, then kissed Guts, deep and with much passion. Passion pent up from years of being fed drugs and fucked by her own brother. Passion that came from yearning for normality and compassion.

Guts stiffened for a moment. As she explored his mouth with her tongue, he calculated his odds of killing Shelly and making it out of the room before Nick got back. He could do it, quickly, painlessly. Put her out of the misery she was clearly in. This was no world for someone like her. She deserved better than to be some psychotic mutant’s fuck puppet. And if she couldn’t have better, at least she could have death.

Then she climbed into his lap, grinding herself into his rock hard cock, and all thoughts of killing her left his mind. He kissed her back gently, without forcing his bulky tongue into her tiny mouth.

Shelly ran her hands across his bald, tattooed head and kissed him again, this time with even more gusto.

Guts dropped the knife, consumed with lust. He bit her lip hard and finally shoved his whole tongue in her mouth, nearly gagging her. She gasped and pulled away, arching her back. She pulled the little tank top up and over her breasts, then pushed forward, crushing them against his chest. He kneaded her nipples with his mouth, then sucked them erect. His heart pounded in anticipation as she climbed off him and kissed her way down his bare chest to the long scar on his belly.

“What happened?” she asked, kissing along its length.

“You don’t wanna know,” Guts said, unbuckling his pants.

“Try me.”

Before he could answer, Shelly pulled his thick erection out of his pants. Her eyes grew wide again. Abandoning her questioning, she slid further down and planted several little kisses on the swollen head of his cock.

He closed his eyes and began to thrust his hips forward in small circles, causing his member to slide across Shelly’s soft cheeks and bump into her nose, until eventually finding its way into her soft, warm mouth.

It took some effort at first, but she worked her tongue around its girth, using copious amounts of saliva before finally attempting to take the shaft into her mouth.

Guts growled in pleasure under his breath as she extracted his balls from his pants and, using the other hand, began to stroke him from head to root in long, slow movements. No longer able to contain himself, he brought his hands from behind his back, grabbing Shelly by the hair, forcing her head further down his length than he thought possible.

Panic crossed her eyes for a moment, realizing the captive was free. She struggled to pull him out, but as he thrust his sex in and out of her mouth, she quickly returned to passivity, relaxing her throat to accommodate the entirety of his massive dick.

Grabbing her under the chin, he fucked her mouth another ten strokes before pushing her off of him. He pulled her by the back of the neck back up to his face, smothering her with his tongue, tasting his own cock on her breath.

She ripped her shorts off and climbed into his lap once more, this time guiding him into her. She had to wiggle back and forth to get him inside, but his strong hands grabbing and prodding across her body made her wet enough to slide all the way down his pole within seconds. She started to cry out when her pussy reached the root. He felt the head of his cock deep insider of her. He grabbed her by the throat to silence her, cutting her off mid-scream.

When she leaned back this time, it was Guts who cried out, scrambling for his knife. Her nipples had hardened, and became pointed at the ends and lengthened to several inches. Her open mouth revealed her teeth had sharpened to similar points. She raised her hands. They’d grown into long talons. Dark spots began to pop up all across her body, then spike out, similar to her nipples. She ran her nails through her hair, which had now begun to twirl in on itself, creating tentacle-like clumps that moved independently of each other, like writhing snakes.

Shelly was also a mutant.

Her eyes still closed, she began to moan again, but this time her voice had dropped considerably. She began to sound like an animal, and looked like some humanoid version of a porcupine.

As Guts gathered up his knife, drawing it to his chest in a defensive posture, Shelly began to buck wildly. Her hips rocked back and forth violently, and her tight pussy clamped unbelievably tighter as she came. She raised up and crashed back down repeatedly with a force her little body seemed incapable of.

In spite of his surprise, Guts felt his balls tighten as orgasm threatened. His legs tensed as Shelly’s orgasm reached a fevered peak. Just as he gave in and let his seed loose, Shelly opened her eyes. She screamed and scrambled off of him, his cock still spurting.

“I’m sorry,” she said, horrified, backing up to the edge of the filthy bed. She looked at her talons, down at her black spiked skin.

“This only happens when- when I’m really turned on,” she said, embarrassed. Already the spikes began to recede. She looked away in disgust. “You think I’m a freak.”

Guts pulled himself to a seated position, re-sheathing his knife. While Shelly’s mutant form was certainly odd, it was also somehow strangely familiar to him…

“Not at all. We’ve all been… changed by the New Light. Some more obviously than others.”

She looked back at Guts, skepticism crossed her face. “You look totally normal. What’s it done to you?”

Guts placed his hand across his scar. Maybe killing her wasn’t the best thing he could do for this poor girl. Maybe, just maybe, she was tough enough to survive out on the road. Maybe it was time he took on a companion. He’d been alone for so long…

Just as Guts was about to speak, Nick burst back into the room. The fading pink sunlight hit the pair like a spotlight.

“You’re never gonna believe this, baby! That motherfucker is prepared! I found at least a month’s worth of food in his bag, flares, a bunch more knives, and fucking dynamite! Who the fuck still has dynamite?? Can you believe-“

The door slammed shut behind him. He dropped the backpack full of food to the floor.

Shelly jumped off the edge of the bed. “Nicky, wait! Nicky! Nicky!”

In the split second it took Nick to draw a revolver tucked in his waist band, Guts was off the floor, shotgun in hand, pressed to Shelly’s head. Their sex was undeniable. Guts’ pants were still unbuttoned around his waist. His flaccid cock still dripped cum. Shelly had morphed back to normal, all evidence of her mutated self gone as she stood totally naked in front of her maniac brother.

Guts spoke quietly. “Not another fucking step, or I’ll blow her head off.”

Shelly clenched her eyes shut and whimpered.

Neither man breathed. Silence threatened to burst their lungs as they stood motionless, waiting for the first mistake. A full minute passed without a single word spoken between the three.

Guts prepared to make his move. He felt the familiar twitch in his bowels. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

What happened next, none of them could have predicted.


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Kevin Strange’s Top 6 Japanese Splatterpunk Movies

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One of my favorite sub-genres of horror, and a HUGE aesthetic inspiration to my movies and books is the little-know wacky genre known as Japanese splatter punk. This type of movie has been around for some time, but didn’t really kick into its current batshit crazy incarnation till the mid 00s when a group of Japanese filmmakers raised off ultra-violent 80s anime and the “video nasties” era of 80s gory horror movies in America came into their own.

See, every generation builds off of the craziness of the last. It’s why I love bizarro fiction so much. It’s an answer to the splatter punk fiction of the 90s which was an answer to the rise of horror fiction in the 80s. Same is true for Japanese splatter punk. How do you answer ultra-violent anime? You turn it live action and add even MORE blood and guts and crazy monsters. That’s how!

So with that in mind, here are my personal 6 favorite Japanese splatter punk flicks:

6. Ichi The Killer (2001)

You can’t talk crazy Japanese movies without mentioning Takashi Miike, the veritable master of Asian weird cinema, so we’ll start things off with him. My favorite Miike flick is the off-the-wall gorefest known as Ichi the Killer.

This flick is interesting for a lot of reasons but one of them is that the main character, and the character used in the marketing of the movie isn’t Ichi at all. It’s the villain of the film, Kakihara.

Ichi came out right at the tail end of the body modification craze of the late 90s when absolutely everyone (myself included) was getting tatted up and experimenting with extreme piercing, branding, scarification and skin suspension.

Ichi has a little bit of all of that, but Kakihara in particular is a shining example. He’s had his cheeks split open so that his mouth opens extra wide. This is a type of ritual punishment in some gang circles, but Miike makes it extra cool by keeping the wounds open and holding them together with piercings. This, in addition to Kakihara’s extensive facial scaring makes him a unique and unforgettable character from the first time we see him on screen.

Ichi, for his part, is a deranged violent psychopath who’s given a pair of bladed boots which he uses to kick/chop his way through a veritable cornucopia of gangsters throughout the flick.

The violence and depravity builds to an insane creshendo which includes dipping people in human feces, suspending them from their back skin and, at one point, Kakihara even cuts off his own tongue for failing his gangster boss. This ain’t one for the squeamish, folks. Highly recommended. 4/5 Strangeheads

5. Tokyo Gore Police (2008)

This is the movie that turned me on to the fact that there was a group of filmmakers in Japan creating ultra-violent live action homages to 80s and 90s anime utilizing mostly practical gore and monster effect.

And MAN does Tokyo Gore Police have some monsters and gore in it! What little plot there is involves a scientist who creates a virus which turns those infected into monsters who sprout huge weapons from any wound they receive. How fucking cool is that?!

The monsters in this flick include a girl with a crocodile mouth for a lower half, a girl with arms and legs made of katana blades, a girl with eyeball stalks and a snail shell and a girl with penises for hair. Yes you read that correctly.

This is the movie that normalized gratuitous amounts of practical blood and gore and ushered in the Japanese splatter punk genre, but, to be honest, it’s mostly just an incomprehensible mess.

The story involves a female cop out for vengeance for the death of her cop dad. There’s a special task force to kill the infected “engineer” monsters, and of course the mad scientist who’s pulling the strings of the whole thing, but all of this is merely an excuse to put as many cool looking monsters and sexy mutant girls on screen next to brutally over-the-top gore as possible. And really, what’s wrong with that? 3/5 Strangeheads

4. Robogeisha (2009)

Robogeisha is the flick I most often show to people when I want to introduce them to the Japanese splatter punk genre. Not because it’s necessarily the best or goriest of the genre, but because it’s one of the lightest and most fun.

We have robot geishas who have machinegun tits, asshole katanas and a whole lot more surprises along the way as two sisters named Yoshie and Kikue Kasuga are transformed into cyborg assassins by an evil corporation.

Of course one of them remains good while the other turns evil and sides with the maniac who runs the company that turned them into killer machines.

The insanity reaches its peak when the big bad actually transforms his castle into a giant robot and scales Mount Fuji in order to drop a bomb inside that’s “17 times more powerful than an atomic bomb.”

The two sisters make up and actually form a two-bodied kick-ass robo assassin to fight the robo-castle. Yeah, my kinda flick. 5/5 Strangeheads

3. Meatball Machine (2005)

This flick is extremely derivative of a classic body horror flick that for sure has served as an inspiration to the entire Japanese splatter punk genre. That film is Tetsuo: The Iron man which, in short, is about a couple who grow machine parts, including a drill-dick, and proceed to spend the movie fighting to the death.

THIS movie, Meatball Machine, takes that premise and turns it up to 11 by making a series of small puppet-aliens which infect human bodies, turning them into mindless meat-robots whose only purpose is to wreak havoc and destruction in their attempt to kill any other aliens present in the vicinity.

The aliens infect an awkward boy who has a distant, weird crush on an even more awkward girl who works in the same factory who also gets herself infected with a puppet-alien.

The ensuing carnage is both beautiful and heart wrenching as the minds of the boy and girl fight against their meat-metal bodies as the aliens inside of them seek to destroy each other. It’s actually a REALLY sweet love story if you can get past all of the decapitation, dismemberment and horrific, twisted body modification.  4/5 Strangeheads

2. Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl (2009)

This is one of the craziest movies I’ve ever seen in my life. And that’s saying something A. coming from Kevin Strange and B. coming from Kevin Strange’s list of some of the craziest movies ever made. Yes, Vampire Girl Vs Frankenstein Girl might be the weirdest monster movie ever made, and I’m gonna tell you why.

First, in lieu of trying to explain the almost incoprehensible plot, I’m just going to refer to the wikipedia plot synopsis:

In a typical Tokyo high school a perpetually teenage vampire named Monami (Yukie Kawamura) falls for her classmate, Mizushima (Takumi Saito), who happens to already be the reluctant boyfriend to the vice principal/science professor’s daughter, Keiko (Eri Otoguro), a leader of a Sweet Lolita gang. The ensuing love triangle leads Keiko to seek the assistance of her father who, unbeknown to his daughter, moonlights as a Kabuki-clad mad scientist with the school nurse as his assistant. The pair experiment on students in the school basement hoping to discover the secret of reanimating corpses (akin to the work of Victor Frankenstein). Their hopes are answered when they discover a solution of Monami’s blood holds the properties to bring life to dead body parts and inanimate objects.

Yeah, so. We have a vampire girl just because we do. Her blood reanimates body parts. Even severed ones. The girlfriend of her crush is actually in a gang of girls who slit their wrist for fun AND in an aesthetic turn that would have the filmmakers put in front of a cultural firing squad if the film had been made in the US, her gang features Asian actors in BLACKFACE who RUN VERY FAST as if the blackface itself wasn’t offensive enough!

And their teacher happens to moonlight as a mad scientist with a lab in the basement of the school. Yeah. That’s the movie. The blood gushing sequences here are among the BEST I’ve ever seen in a movie. When Vampire Girl bites the neck of her victims, the blood spews out and up so far and so hard that it creates a blood rain above the girl.

There are several beautiful sequences where she’s dancing in slow motion underneath the torrent of blood and gore until she’s been turned completely red from the sheer amount of bodily fluid raining down on her. If you’re a gore freak like me, that’s heaven.

So blah, blah, blah, shit happens, the jealous slit-writ club girlfriend throws herself off a roof, dies and is reanimated by her mad-scientist father as Frankenstein Girl and the two monster girls proceed to fight and fight some more. It’s a fight that features a helicopter helmet made of body parts and a blood-spike armor suit.

If you like your gore mixed with a healthy dose of WTF!?! then this flick is for you. 5/5 Strangeheads

1. Helldriver (2010)

This isn’t the movie I start people with when I show them the Japanese splatterpunk genre, but it is my favorite. Follow me here, it’s gonna get weird REAL quick:

Kika’s mother and uncle are SERIAL KILLER CANNIBALS who set Kika’s father on fire and get set to killer her too when a METEOR FALLS FROM THE SKY and plunges through Kika’s mother’s chest, obliterating her heart.

She then RIPS OUT KIKA’S HEART and, as if all of this wasn’t absolutely, totally insane right from the jump off, Kika and her mother then BECOME COCOONED do to the magical powers of the meteor.

Also as an effect of the meteor, a black ash covers the top half of Japan turning half the country’s population into zombies. But not just any zombies. Zombies with weird forked stalks that jut out from their foreheads. And those stalks? Yeah, they’re EXPLOSIVE.

Kika is found by a group of people who give her an artificial heart while her mother breaks out of the cocoon and becomes THE QUEEN OF THE ZOMBIES. Absolute and total insanity results and Kika is outfitted with a badass, form-fitting leather costume and CHAINSAW SWORD with which she fights off the zombie hordes lead by her deranged uncle and zombie queen mother.

As if all of THAT wasn’t totally bonkers enough, this movie features a car chase with a car made entirely of zombie body parts, a sword fight featuring a zombie with 20 arms, and features a climax with the zombie queen controlling a giant zombie made of zombies which transforms itself into a jet by grabbing hold of two nuclear missiles.

This is by far the most imaginative and insane of all of the Japanese splatter punk flicks and for sure my top recommendation. 5/5 Strangeheads

Texas Chainsaw Mantis is now Available on Amazon!

Chainsaw Mantis (Colored)5Click here for the Paperback or Click here for the Kindle version

Today’s the big day, gang! The FINAL #MantisMonday of 2015! Did I push that to the last minute or what? TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS is here! The BRAND NEW novel by Kevin Strange is out! It’s live on Amazon! It’s in both print and Kindle formats for your preferred reading experience!

Synopsis: Praying Mantises have evolved into the dominant species on Earth, having wiped out humans years ago after a genetic experiment evolved the species into man-sized, super intelligent insects. But they don’t just roam the planet aimlessly. The Mantises have taken over our jobs. Kept the generators running, the oil pumping, and the economy in place.

They’re people, just like us …Except that they’re cannibalistic, blood thirsty nymphomaniacs who love biting the heads off their partners while they mate.

Matthew is a high school history teacher. He does his best to educate the young mantises and tame the savage side of their nature, until the day he comes home to find his wife ready to mate. Anyone who knows anything about Mantises knows that mating is a death sentence for males of the species. But when Matthew’s wife partially decapitates him during sex, he crawls out to the woodshed to die, only to find an old haunted chainsaw, possessed by the spirit of his home’s dead human owner, who just happens to be an occult sorcerer and serial killer known as The Growler’s Phantom. Now resurrected, Matthew vows revenge on his murderous wife, and her new husband Nicko as well as anyone else who gets in his path.

Part Texas Chainsaw Massacre, part Evil Dead, pray this mantis doetexaschainsawbanner02sn’t find you next!

Man it’s been a long time coming, bros. Almost 14 months between this new book and my last one. It’s been a rough year full of some SHITTY happenings, some great happenings, some loves lost, my heart broken, my bank account busted, my brain piece pushed to the limit emotionally and physically. But I toughed that shit out! I sat at the writing desk (or in that McDonald’s lobby) every day like a champ and I put words to paper, hell or high water.

This ain’t an easy job. Fuck no it’s not! Some days you have to force it, some days it flows easy as water and makes you feel like a god. But the demons always come after you at night. Am I good enough? Will anyone even read it? Are those awards and nominations and five star reviews a fluke? Am I a phony? Will they find me out?

Even as I release my NINTH book, I have these fears. It’s silly, I know, but it’s all part of the job of an author. A novelist. You sit with your art for months, over a year in this case! And nobody, NOBODY sees it but you! Can you imagine? Fuck it’s tough but when you’re finished and that sucker goes live and your fans start buying it, reading it, reviewing it! That’s a feeling better than sex!

What? No. No it isn’t. Not even close. 😉 haha But it’s still a GREAT feeling! And it’s here! TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS! My ultra violent bug sex love story. I hope you like it!