Kevin Strange’s Twitter Horror Stories Week 1

A few years back I played with the idea of writing a one to two sentence horror story on Twitter every day. It was extremely challenging trying to tell a whole story in such a short space, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

I came across my Word file containing all of those old stories this week, so I decided to post them, and add some new ones. I could probably write a Twitter horror story every day indefinitely, and I’m going to try, for a while anyway.  I hope you like them!

Here’s the first week of Kevin Strange’s Twitter horror stories:

  • 1. After the 8th was born, the woman quieted, her task done. The father-thing placed the creatures back inside that they may feed and grow.

  • 2. After the ninth and last planet went cold and dark, the galactic council was forced to concede that the Godchild had indeed abandoned them.

  • 3. Jack made a huge mistake. When he burned the bodies of the crash victims, he forgot to cover their mouths. Now they scream through his.

  • 4. In the closet, Jill willed her heart to quiet down. But the imp didn’t hunt by sound. It was drawn to her hatred of her husband next to her.

  • 5. College seemed like the right place for Ann to make new friends. It was. She talked to the jars full of tongues every morning before class.

  • 6. As the final seal was broken, Katie shed her people-skin. The surprise on their faces tasted nearly as good as the flesh on their bones.

  • 7. Nine dead children stood in the doorway to little brady’s room at the hospital. He wasn’t scared, though. All of them had his face.

Check back next week for 7 fresh Twitter horror stories, or follow me @KevinTheStrange to see them posted every day!

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Sean Kelly reviews Murder Stories for your Brain Piece

svssthumbMurder Stories for your Brain Piece by Kevin Strange is a collection of short stories about death, murder, giant dicks, and the insides of buttholes.
The first story, Ass Worship, took a ridiculously silly concept and managed to make it somewhat sad by
approaching it with a level of seriousness in it’s characters. It was about poor little creatures called The Glutoids that live inside of woman’s asshole, constantly being smashed by shits or drowning in suppository goo. It was more funny and entertaining than anything else, but the ending was pretty bleak. I kinda felt bad for little Filipo, which just made me find it humorous again when I really thought about what had just happened. I think its a testament to how well it was done that I didn’t even really see the silliness of this bit until after the fact, I was just worried for the little guy that tried so hard to make a better life for his people.
I Killed Jessica, Again was an unlikely partnership story. Two enemies having to work together for their mutual benefit. Lots of impressive imagery in this one. It managed to tell a story that could have easily been novella length in just a handful of pages. It was very entertaining and at times pretty tense. It also had some really memorable characters, Jason in particular. While a flag waving, gun toting redneck is not a character I’d typically enjoy, I felt he was what really made this story as good as it was.
An Otherwise Ordinary Kind of Life was a short crazy mess of a mind fuck. Its one of those stories that layers twist over twist until you have no idea whats going on anymore. If Cronenberg had smoked crack while making eXistenZ, it might have turned out something like this.
Sleep Now, Sinner, once again, took a ridiculous concept and made it serious by approaching it with sincerity. Kevin seems to be pretty good at doing that. Much like the first story did with sadness, this one did with tension. Until I finished it and remembered that it was all brought on by a giant queef, which made it funny again. This was another really short one so there’s not much to say besides how well it created such vivid images in so few words.
Ms. Dumb Ass and her Friend Fucking Von Stupid Shit was another twisty mind fuck one, but even sillier than An Otherwise Ordinary Kind of Life. It was pretty hilarious and unexpected. And it had an awesome bit of ultra-violence at the beginning that was extremely creative. While this wasn’t one of my favorite stories of the collection as a whole, that opening scene was definitely one of my favorite single moments in the book. Would love to see this animated Superjail style.
Loch Ness Lay was gross. Like fucked up hentai level gross. You can probably tell by the title what the story was about. I won’t spoil anything specific. This was actually one of my favorites of the collection in a way just because it actually made me scrunch up my face a couple times. And again, the description here was extremely well done. For better or worse, I could vividly picture everything that was going on.
Inside an Asshole was easily the best of the bunch, so it was appropriate that he saved it for last. An unforgettable barrage of nastiness. Just about any horrible thing that exists, happens in this story. Richie G is one of the sickest bastards I’ve ever read about. Usually when you go as excessively far as this story does, it becomes lame and boring after a while. This one never does, he gradually ups the ante and presents the horrible memories and events in such a way that it never became cheesy. I took this shit very seriously, and it even left me feeling a bit sick. As someone who grew up on ultra-violent films since childhood, disturbing me is no easy feat, but this one managed to do it a little bit. It also packed a fair bit of emotion amongst it nastiness as well. And it finished up with a pretty satisfying conclusion. Not only was this my favorite story in Murder Stories for your Brain Piece, its one of the best short stories I’ve ever read. If you’re one thats always looking for something that really pushes it with completely relentless atrocities, I recommend this more than any Splatterpunk novel.
Overall, Murder Stories for your Brain Piece is easily one of the best anthologies I’ve read and I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they can handle it. I look forward to reading more from Mr. Strange’s fucked imagination.