Kevin Strange’s Twitter Horror Stories Week 1

A few years back I played with the idea of writing a one to two sentence horror story on Twitter every day. It was extremely challenging trying to tell a whole story in such a short space, but I had a lot of fun doing it.

I came across my Word file containing all of those old stories this week, so I decided to post them, and add some new ones. I could probably write a Twitter horror story every day indefinitely, and I’m going to try, for a while anyway.  I hope you like them!

Here’s the first week of Kevin Strange’s Twitter horror stories:

  • 1. After the 8th was born, the woman quieted, her task done. The father-thing placed the creatures back inside that they may feed and grow.

  • 2. After the ninth and last planet went cold and dark, the galactic council was forced to concede that the Godchild had indeed abandoned them.

  • 3. Jack made a huge mistake. When he burned the bodies of the crash victims, he forgot to cover their mouths. Now they scream through his.

  • 4. In the closet, Jill willed her heart to quiet down. But the imp didn’t hunt by sound. It was drawn to her hatred of her husband next to her.

  • 5. College seemed like the right place for Ann to make new friends. It was. She talked to the jars full of tongues every morning before class.

  • 6. As the final seal was broken, Katie shed her people-skin. The surprise on their faces tasted nearly as good as the flesh on their bones.

  • 7. Nine dead children stood in the doorway to little brady’s room at the hospital. He wasn’t scared, though. All of them had his face.

Check back next week for 7 fresh Twitter horror stories, or follow me @KevinTheStrange to see them posted every day!