Exclusive Kindle Cover Version of JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK Now Available!

The new-new keeps coming this summer, gang! We’ve got a Kindle exclusive cover reveal for you today. Kevin Strange’s brand new weird sword and sorcery tale JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK, the first “single” from his upcoming JORECK collection THE STRANGE SAGA OF JORECK THE BARBARIAN gets a brand new cover exclusively for the Kindle version!

If digital eBooks are your jam, you get to rock the SWAMP PHANTOMS in style with this sick 1960s/70s fantasy cover throwback featuring a Reeg warrior in full on battle mode!

SWAMP PHANTOMS is on sale right now for a cool 99 cents over on Amazon so check out this SICK new cover and pick up yours today! Click here to buy SWAMP PHANTOMS with the exclusive new cover!

Synopsis: Joreck the barbarian and his weird motley crew of alien warriors must trek through the haunted swamps of dreaded Ikk to find their blood brother Orilious who has mysteriously gone missing.

But what if Orilious doesn’t want to be found?

Lovers of adult-oriented sword and sorcery are going to LOVE this series and this book in particular. That’s why Kevin Strange picked SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK as the lead story to promote the brand new upcoming collection of Joreck Stories, THE STRANGE SAGA OF JORECK THE BARBARIAN. It’s THAT GOOD!

Click here to buy SWAMP PHANTOMS with the exclusive new cover!

RTS 13: Swamp Phantoms Finale

Kevin and Jeremy are back this week to give their final thoughts on the Horrorhound Weekend convention a week removed from the craziness. Kevin Also makes an exclusive announcement about a TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE screening with Grandpa AKA John Dugan in St. Louis July 8th and 9th at Fubar featuring a mini horror con! And you better believe Strange fiction will be in full effect slangin them 10 dolla book pieces!

This week marks the final part of the Joreck and The Swamp Phantoms of Ikk saga and after the break, the two hosts geek out about all the twists and turns and zany happenings in this brand new Joreck yarn.

We hope you’ve enjoyed barbarian month and you’re digging on the Joreck world cause we’ve got a whole book of these stories coming your way very soon!

To end the episode, the boys set up “gangbang month” and the next story reading, Kevin Strange’s weird sex novella COTTON CANDY!

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Till next week gang, keep reading!

RTS 12: Convention Aftermath

This week Kevin and Jeremy come to you live from Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2017 for three days of stories about Kevin trying to teach a hotel maid english, Jeremy expertly selling gay jesus chap books, fights with waffle makers, trying to sell loch ness porn to discovery channel monster hunters and much more as shit got weird in Ohio!

This week’s read is part 2 of the strange barbarian saga JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK. With Orilious missing, Joreck works tirelessly to find his blood brother, but when he does, well, Orilious has other plans.

Back from Break, the boys discuss all the twists and turns in the Joreck story and set up next week’s Swamp Phantoms finale along with more stories from the road show.

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