Kevin Strange will appear at Crypticon Kansas City 2017

The next stop on Kevin Strange’s 2017 book signing tour will be Crypticon Kansas City 2017 which takes place July 14-16th 2017 in St. Joseph Missouri at the Civic Arena.

Kevin Strange will be on hand along with Reading To Strangers co-host Jeremy Daniels to sign copies of his new book I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES along with his upcoming novel BEETLE BRAIN as well as all of the Strange Fiction classics like TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS, MCHUMANS, VAMPIRE GUTS IN NUKE TOWN and the rest of the Strange catalog.

We did this show 3 or 4 years ago and had a great time. The vibe was awesome, the fans were excited and we sold a boat load of books! Remember to come early. The Strangebooks always sell out WAY before Sunday so don’t play yourself by waiting all weekend to grab up the newest of the newnew!

See you in KAY CEE MOOO, gang!

RTS 12: Convention Aftermath

This week Kevin and Jeremy come to you live from Horrorhound Weekend Cincinnati 2017 for three days of stories about Kevin trying to teach a hotel maid english, Jeremy expertly selling gay jesus chap books, fights with waffle makers, trying to sell loch ness porn to discovery channel monster hunters and much more as shit got weird in Ohio!

This week’s read is part 2 of the strange barbarian saga JORECK AND THE SWAMP PHANTOMS OF IKK. With Orilious missing, Joreck works tirelessly to find his blood brother, but when he does, well, Orilious has other plans.

Back from Break, the boys discuss all the twists and turns in the Joreck story and set up next week’s Swamp Phantoms finale along with more stories from the road show.

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Till next week, gang. Keep reading!

Announcing the Texas Chainsaw Mantis St. Louis Book Signing Tour

Ahhhhh! Gang! The dates are confirmed! I can finally announce the first leg of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS 2016 Book signing tour! We’re hitting the STL hard for this one! Three! Count em, THREE St. Louis area book stores will be hosting THREE separate nights of signings, readings, and performances by… Well, I’m not gonna spoil that surprise right outta the gate! The tour is still three months away. We’ve gotta keep some cards close to our chest, right? We’ll announce our out of town support as the dates get closer!

Just know that award winning, SUPER weird writers of horror and bizarro fiction will be joining Kevin Strange at each of the tour stops. The dates and times of the MEGA event are as follows:


Come join us for three nights of LIVE shenanigans you won’t soon forget!