Announcing the Texas Chainsaw Mantis St. Louis Book Signing Tour

Ahhhhh! Gang! The dates are confirmed! I can finally announce the first leg of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MANTIS 2016 Book signing tour! We’re hitting the STL hard for this one! Three! Count em, THREE St. Louis area book stores will be hosting THREE separate nights of signings, readings, and performances by… Well, I’m not gonna spoil that surprise right outta the gate! The tour is still three months away. We’ve gotta keep some cards close to our chest, right? We’ll announce our out of town support as the dates get closer!

Just know that award winning, SUPER weird writers of horror and bizarro fiction will be joining Kevin Strange at each of the tour stops. The dates and times of the MEGA event are as follows:


Come join us for three nights of LIVE shenanigans you won’t soon forget!

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