WWS 22: Legend Movie Review

This week the Strangers visit 1985’s Ridley Scott fantasy epic LEGEND starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry and a bunch of weird midgets. We talk about the prevalent themes, Rob Bottin’s amazing special effects makeup and a bunch of juicy behind the scenes tidbits.

There’s even a section that goes completely off the rails in order to explore the lack of morality in atheism and the nihilistic nature of most modern cinema.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and remember to always keep watching, gang!

WWS Bonus Ep For Patreon: BMX Bandits and Pit Monsters

Watching With Strangers returns to Patreon with a brand new exclusive episode featuring Kevin and Travis’s most recent watches including the absolutely batshit crazy 80s horror movie THE PIT and the obscure Brian Trenchard-Smith flick STUNT ROCK.

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