WWS Over The Top Bonus Ep For Patreon

Gang! It’s Wednesday, so you know we’re dropping another one of them BONUS episodes of WATCHING WITH STRANGERS over on Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange!

This week, Kevin and Travis talkĀ our recent watches including Adam Green’s Digging Up The Marrow (and the rest of his filmography) and the MMA documentary The Hurt Business.

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WWS The Princess Bride Bonus Episode For Patreon

The WWS bonus Patreon episode for the third week of February 2017 goes off the rails quickly and turns into a discussion about the Netflix documentary Cuba Libre. As always, these special bonus episodes are made exclusively for our Patrons at Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange.

We do these special WWS episodes weekly in addition to monthly READING TO STRANGERS audio books released in advance of the serialized weekly podcast.

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Till next time, Patrons, keep watching!

WWS: Robocop Bonus Episode For Patreon

Gang, WATCHING WITH STRANGERS is back with another Patreon only bonus episode! This week we cover all the Robocop trivia we missed on the main show and rant about crappy 90s toys among lots of other subjects!

Our patrons fund our entire operation so we always do special Patreon only episodes that will never air on the main show. To become a Patron of the Strange, pledge as little as 1 dollar a month to Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange!