WWS 22: Legend Movie Review

This week the Strangers visit 1985’s Ridley Scott fantasy epic LEGEND starring Tom Cruise, Tim Curry and a bunch of weird midgets. We talk about the prevalent themes, Rob Bottin’s amazing special effects makeup and a bunch of juicy behind the scenes tidbits.

There’s even a section that goes completely off the rails in order to explore the lack of morality in atheism and the nihilistic nature of most modern cinema.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and remember to always keep watching, gang!

WWS 15: Battle Royale Movie Review

We travel overseas to Japan this week to review the ultra-violent cult classic BATTLE ROYALE! Listen as Kevin and Travis peel the metaphorical layers back on this controversial film about school kids massacring each other on a deserted island.

We also travel back to yester-year, before anime was as mainstream in the West as McDonalds and apple pie, back to the 90s when watching flicks like this required some real sleuth skills and cult movie knowledge.

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WWS Bonus Mad Max: Fury Road Episode For Patreon

Strangers! We’ve got that BONUS flavor for you today! ALL our Patrons over at Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange get access to our quickie supplemental Mad Max: Fury Road episode.

In this episode Travis and Kevin discuss the finer points of Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy’s respective performances as the titular Max as well as more bonus bombs for dat ass!

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