RTS 26: Is Kevin Strange Quitting?

Join us on this very emotional episode of READING TO STRANGERS where Kevin opens up to Jeremy Maddux about some of the behind the scenes issues that have driven him to create this podcast and fight back against the social stigma pushed on him by former friends, business partners and people who once called him a close peer.

This is NOT the episode of RTS to miss, gang. Keep reading.

TQP 07: Sleeping 65 Miles Per Hour

Maddux begins with the analysis of an extremely disturbing voicemail left by a man whose body was pulled from a lake in Minnesota two months after his disappearance. Questions still remain as the autopsy shows no signs of struggle despite the very clear signs of struggle in the voicemail, his last communication with his wife.

From there, Maddux interviews Magnus Blomdahl, director of Revisiting Melancholie der Engel, his documentary about filmmaker Marian Dora and the frightening film that the most seasoned gorehounds would call his masterpiece. The dvd can be purchased at this link: https://blacklava.at

Finally, Maddux closes with testimony about Jesus healing him recently, and a performance piece of his written work, Gary Busey Loves You, which was first performed at the 2014 Bizarro Showdown in Portland, Oregon.

Music for Gary Busey Loves You provided by: www.purple-planet.com

In the coming weeks, expect guests such as a legendary political cartoonist, youtuber LAWerewolf Entertainment and a pagan… conservative!?

RTS 24: StrangeHammer 40k

Kevin and Jeremy keep the opening segment banter short this week as they focus on reviewing COMPUTERFACE part 3 from the previous episode. (COMPUTERFACE can be purchased on Amazon Kindle here and in paperback here.) They then set up part 4 and get on with the show to make room for the long third segment after the reading.

In COMPUTERFACE part 4, we revisit Harry pre-apocalypse and learn how he because the flexiplastic-bodied brute that his is today. We also learn what lead to the war between machine and man, and are introduced to Arnold Finch and Adam Prime. How did the machines win the war? Find out this week on COMPUTERFACE!

After the break, the boys go full-tilt geek as they gush and question and debate about Warhammer 40k 8th edition, the new DARK IMPERIUM starter set, the good rules, the bad rules and which armies the boys plan to field when they play.

That’ll do it for this week, gang. Remember, keep reading!