TQP 11: In the Court of the Vore King (with Raymond Whalen)

This week, we’re covering the woman eating monster fetish known as Vorarephilia with Raymond Whalen, the subject of a new documentary called Vore King. We also talk about Cannibal Holocaust, Faces of Death, clown fetish porn, pro wrestling, his time with a traveling sideshow and spend a long stretch deliberating on the topic of facesitting, which Maddux is totally not into.

Next time: California Republican Chris Boyle and his problems on campus at Fullerton Cal State.

RTS 27: Strangeville Lives

Welcome back to Strangeville, gang! Contrary to what twitter trolls may think, I continue to walk this mortal coil, giving them weekly podcast topics to talk about since their own lives are clearly too boring to discuss.

We have a great show for you this week. Joining us in studio are Sean and Katie Ferrari, the husband and wife team who edit the Strange Fiction books here in Strangeville.

We take a nice trip down memory lane, talking about how we all met before we delve into stories about the next Kevin Strange book release, a novel called BEETLE BRAIN and they discuss the possibility of a Hack Movies reunion screening AND possible new feature length film.

Shit ain’t ever gonna stop around here gang, no matter what the cat ladies and trolls may tell you. Strangeville is a state of mind. Strangeville is forever. Keep reading.