She Was Only A Clown Chapters 6 And 7

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a special serialized novella presented in weekly installments every Saturday through Halloween. Click here to read chapter 1, click here to read chapter 2, click here to read chapter 3, click here to read chapter 4 and click here to read chapter 5.

Chapter 6

Foolishly, Elwood remained terrified of Mark Nelson. As though the rage-filled redneck would tear the sharp post from his neck wound and stab Elwood with it like some crazed movie villain.

In fact what happened was Mark Nelson shrank away, pawing at the deep wound. He drew his blood-soaked hands away and stared at them with wide, disbelieving eyes. All of that hate and rage drained from his face along with his color. His pale features trembled like he was suddenly a child scolded too harshly by his mother.

Mark dropped to his knees in front of Elwood and looked up at him, as if he couldn’t believe that the man he’d so recently been violently raping was capable of returning that violence in kind.

Elwood looked at his captor with a curious indifference, already resigned to a terrible death out there in the woods. His act of defiance didn’t fill him with hope or adrenaline. He didn’t imagine a daring escape into the darkness.

No, instead Elwood felt something he’d never felt in the presence of another person in his entire life.

He felt aroused.

Elwood never thought of himself as gay, especially not after the incident in Mark’s room with his fag jar. But he had also never been able to make himself aroused at the sight of a naked woman.

He’d experimented with gay porn on the Internet, but it was more out of curiosity about his sexuality than carnality or lust.

He had managed to bring himself to beat off to both straight and gay porn at different times, which only confused the matter further.

In truth, by the time uncle Jeff had died and Elwood had retreated to the solitude of the barn, he had maybe masturbated a half a dozen times. He could not now, standing there before Mark Nelson in the woods, remember the last time he’d achieved an erection. Sexuality was just too confusing for him. He’d shut out that particular biological function and assured himself that he was just a weird asexual anomaly.

But now he had a murder boner.

Mark collapsed onto his back, spurting blood from around the sign post sticking out of his neck. He was bleeding badly, but as long as the post stayed in his neck he would live a few minutes longer, Elwood guessed. It’s not like he had any experience killing anyone before.

But man did the sight of that blood, that abject fear and helplessness in the eyes of his attacker turn him on.

He’d never had this kind of power over another person before. Hell, he’d never had any power over a person before. He’d spent his entire life as a meek and timid little shit. The only time he’d ever been considered in charge of any situation was the one time he’d been left alone with his cousin Jake, and look how that turned out.

But this? Intoxicating.

He took a step forward. Mark flinched away, shielding his neck like a wounded animal, blubbering and begging Elwood away, crying for the fake clown not to hurt him.

Elwood couldn’t decide whether to finish the pathetic Nelson boy off or take out his dick and jack off on him. He supposed he could do the former after the later.

Or would it feel better to cum on his corpse?

These morbid thoughts were interrupted after a time by the sounds of the other Nelson brothers screams.

Jacob, Philip and Carl hadn’t heard Mark go down. Nor had they heard him blubber and beg for his life. They were busy finish up their dirty business with the clown girl.

This god damn slut’s puss is too tight!” Carl said, grunting harder. “I caint hold my nut no longer!”

Wait a damn tick now,” Jacob said, beads of sweat rolling out from under his filthy trucker hat into his ratty beard. “I got somethin’ special in mind for this whore. Don’t be blowin that load till I say!”

He’s right, Jake,” Philip said, rolling his hips as he plunged his ringed cock in and out of the clown girl’s relaxed mouth. “I got a damn nut brewin, too. Her holes’s too small to fuck with for too long. I’m fixin to slather her lil face in ball-butter if you don’t come on with yer grand plan!”

Just hold it! Think about fuckin’ granny or somethin. I want us all to bust in that there cum jar and then shove it down this skank’s throat!”

Ain’t no good!” Carl said, panting now, trying to keep his hips still, but Jacob’s dick smashing in and out of the clown girl’s asshole was creating enough friction against Carl’s cock stuffed inside her pussy by itself to make the shirtless redneck blow his wad. “I LIKED fuckin’ granny!”

The three men howled in unison again as Jacob leaned down to pick up the partially spilled jar of semen.

His laughter was cut abruptly short when he wasn’t able to remove his penis from the clown girl’s rectum. The jar remained just outside of his reach. As he went to pull out to give himself the extra inch he needed, he was stuck.

Dang,” he mumbled. “Ya’ll ain’t kiddin. Bitch is tight!”

He rocked his hips back again, but found himself held fast.

Beneath him, Carl too tried to exit the clown girl’s orifice. “My dick’s stuck!” he screamed, thrashing back and forth. “My damn dick’s stuck!”

Philip laughed harder. “Quit fartin around! Let’s nut on this bitch and get to killin’ her. I ain’t missin’ Hell In A Cell rasslin’ over a dumb ass clown.”

But as he tried to pull his cock out of the clown girl’s mouth, he too was unable to remove it.

Now the three rapists were shouting and screaming and doing no more laughing.

Elwood glanced over his shoulder, maniacal grin on his face. He watched as the three Nelson boys thrashed and punched at the clown girl, cursing and begging and praying to be let go.

Aw, jeez Elwood!” Jacob cried. “We was only playin’ We didn’t mean nothin’ by it! Tell your girlfriend to let us go!”

Elwood stumbled over toward them as though drunk. His eyes were glazed over and his boner was ragin hard as ever. “Not Elwood,” he said, slowly pulling the clown mask down over his face.

Name’s Skitzo Cyko. I’m a killer clown. Just like her.”

Chapter 7

Elwood watched the Nelson brothers wail, one hand absently rubbing the boner straining the front of his pants.

One second, the clown girl was still on her hands and knees–the Nelsons smashing her in the face, back and arms with their fists, trying to rip their cocks out of her body with no success–the next moment she was standing. Just like before, she hadn’t actually moved, just… phased to a new position.

This only increased the complaints from the Nelsons, as they were not only seemingly fused to the clown girl by their penises, but now they were hanging from them. “Lawd Jesus in heaven kill me now!” Carl screamed, flopping underneath the clown girl’s spread legs. He hung only inches from the ground, gently swaying back and forth like an empty swing. He clawed at her hips, trying and failing to pull himself up and take the weight off of his straining penis.

Jacob was fairing no better behind him. The big man was tall enough to keep his feet on the ground, but the way the clown girl was standing and the way his cock was stuck up her ass, he was forced to kneel forward, but even that wasn’t enough to take the strain off his dick. To make matters worse, Carl kept bucking and kicking his legs out from under him, causing him to constantly lose his footing and end up with his dick supporting his full body weight, which was considerable.

In fact, none of the Nelsons weighed less than two hundred pounds. A trait that usually worked in their favor as they were able to bully and intimidate virtually anyone in town. Tonight, however, that was not the case.

Philip had it the worst. Being in the clown girl’s mouth meant that he was hanging from the highest up and had absolutely nothing above him to grab onto to counter his weight. Indeed after only seconds the sound of the tendons in his pelvis ripping free matched his screams.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Understandably, Philip wasn’t able to make many coherent words as he whined. He sounded more like a dying goat than a man dangling from a naked, supernatural killer clown girl in the middle of the woods.

Elwood only laughed at the men’s plight. He was suddenly having the time of his life. It then occurred to him that as Skitzo Cyko the killer clown, he could do anything he wanted. So he pulled down the front of his baggy clown trousers and jacked his murder boner off right there in front of god and everyone.

He was unconcerned about Mark Nelson behind him. What was the worst he would do? Try to get up and run away? He was in a real bad way and wouldn’t get far. And if he tried to pull the post from his neck? He’d be dead before he made two steps. Elwood was content leaving him behind him stewing in his own pain and fear for a few minutes while he watched the Nelson brothers in front of him suffer.

That’s when the clown girl moved.

She was instantly standing in front of Elwood and while it startled him, it didn’t make him piss himself like when he’d first seen her take her face off. It almost made him cum, actually, but he was so unused to sex, he was doing a good job holding his cum back.

While the girl had moved, the Nelson boys had not. However, instead of their dicks sticking out of her orifices, three thick black tentacles now extended from her back. They were made of that same deep dark anti-color that Elwood had seen before when Mark’s dog had attacked her. They also shimmered the same iridescent green as rows and rows of eyes pulsed from the clown girl’s back, all the way to their tips which still firmly held the Nelsons’ cocks.

He smiled and continued to stroke his dick as the thing that pretended to be a clown stared at his boner.

I’m one of you now. Look,” he said, stepping aside, showing off the work he’d done to Mark Nelson.

The redneck kicked his legs, making a weak attempt to crawl away. The entire front of his clothes were soaked in his blood and his face was chalk white. He wouldn’t last another few minutes.

The clown glanced from Elwood’s dick to Mark, then back at Elwood, all of course without appearing to move at all.

One of us?” she said. Her lips did not move. In fact, the sound didn’t seem to emanate from the clown girl at all. Instead it hit Elwood like a series of waves radiating from the forest itself.

Her voice was low and husky, yet feminine. It contained the sort of base one would expect from a goddess or a demon.

Elwood nodded. The clown girl reached up, deliberately using her actual appendage instead of just phasing her limb in place. She gently touched Elwood’s clown mask, running her long, slim fingers over its grotesque nose and sharp teeth.

She did the same to her own clown face with her other hand, then slid that face away, revealing the black, shimmering triangle-thing that passed for a face underneath.

She pushed Elwood’s mask up, revealing his all too human face.

He felt embarrassed again. Inadequate. He wished he was like her. He wished his skin was made of… space or a black hole or whatever the fuck it was the clown girl was made of.

One of us?” she repeated.

Elwood cast his eyes downward. “No,” he said meekly.

No,” the clown girl said. “Not yet.”

Elwood looked up, surprised.

The clown girl slowly turned her head toward Mark Nelson. Again deliberately going through the physical motion as to best communicate her her intention.

Mark lay dying in the dirt, his eyes glassy. Garbled moans escaped his bloodied lips along with a series of small bubbles, indicating his impending expiration. 

Elwood looked at the bloody redneck then back at the clown girl not understanding.

What? Do you want me to kill him?”

As if in answer, she turned her attention back toward the other Nelson boys.


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She Was Only A Clown Chapter 4

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a special serialized novella presented in weekly installments every Saturday through Halloween. Click here to read chapter 1, click here to read chapter 2 and click here to read chapter 3. 

Chapter 4

When he came to, Elwood wished the jar had broken. He wished the glass shards had pierced his neck and killed him. Because when he woke up, the pain he was in was worse than anything he’d ever felt in his life.

The most immediate pain was in his ass. He had to shit but his asshole was also on fire at the same time. Or so the thought.

After feeling an intense pressure slam into him, then retract, then slam into him, he realized, even dazed and half-conscious that he was being fucked in the ass.

Raped in the ass.

That’s what you like, ain’t it faggot?”

The next level of pain, beyond the ripping, bleeding sensation of his anus, was his face being grinded into the sticks and twigs on the ground.

And then there was the matter of his scalp feeling like it was being peeled off his head.

It only took Elwood another moment to realize he was face down on the ground and Mark was pushing his head into the dirt while fucking him.

Thump, thump, thump.

It felt like his stomach was being prodded with an alien instrument. That instrument happened to be Mark’s fat cock.

Thump, thump, thump. “Think you can kill my dog and get away with it, faggot? I’m gonna make you eat that cum then I’m gonna smash that fag jar and make you eat it, too!”

The jar in question was positioned—not unintentionally, Elwood guessed—right in front of his face on the ground.

Thump, thump, thump.

Mark was sweating and grunting. Elwood could feel the redneck’s cock swelling in his ass. He was only moments away from climax.

Elwood felt like his intestines were only moments away from turning inside out.

He wanted to pull away, to thrash around or to tighten himself up and squeeze Mark’s dick off, but with every thumping thrust, a white hot pain sucked his energy away, like a searing, smoldering fire poker was being touched directly to his guts.

It was all Elwood could do to stay conscious as the pounding picked up speed.

He knew that as soon as Mark finished he would kill him. He knew his only means for survival in that moment was to get the big sweaty dude off him before he came.

The thought gave Elwood the nauseating visual of Mark’s cock ejaculating his thick, snotty load all over Elwood’s lacerated and bleeding insides.

His right eye was smashed into the bramble but with his left eye, he was able to spot something, maybe the only thing that could save his life.

He saw the sign he’d been carrying on the road.

The end is near. They’re all laughing at you!”

He’d fashioned the sign out of cardboard and a fence post his father had discarded in the farm house’s backyard which resembled a junkyard more than the rear property of a residence. The end of the fence post was sharp.

Elwood tentatively reached a hand across the broken sticks and twisted tree limbs that poked and yanked at his stomach as Mark continued to fuck him from behind.

A few more inches and he’d have it in his grasp.

That’s when the sound of the dirtbikes crashing through the woods drowned out the sounds of Mark’s impending orgasm.

Fuck!” Mark screamed, jumping up off of Elwood in an instant.

It felt like a plunger had just ripped free from the wannabe clown’s asshole. Mark pulling out like that may have hurt worse than being fucked.

Elwood rolled over and put his hand against his ass, pulling his clown pants up over his exposed buttocks. This put him even closer to the sharp sign post.

Mark hastily buttoned his pants and yanked his filthy shirt down over his beer gut. He was doing everything he could to make it look like he hadn’t just butt raped a dude as his brothers pulled up on their bikes, casting the whole awful scene in harsh, revealing headlights.

The fuck is going on out here, dumb shit?”

That was Jacob, Mark’s eldest brother. Not only was he older than the next eldest bother by five years, but he also towered over the other three causing many to speculate far outside of earshot of the giant that the Nelson boys’ mother hadn’t always been faithful to their five foot six inch father, Brutus.

Jacob always called Mark dumb shit because, well, he was probably the dumbest of all the Nelson brothers, not that that was saying much. They were all pretty stupid, as small town rednecks went.

Faggot killed my dog,” Mark said, kicking Elwood in the stomach, which caused not an insignificant amount of blood to shoot out from his torn rectum.

Don’t look dead to me.”

That was Carl, the middle Nelson brother, or second eldest as he liked to tell people, as though that made him sound more important in the hierarchy of small town douchebaggary.

Carl’s mouth also contained the most teeth of any of the other Nelson brothers, and as Elwood would shortly discover, also had the biggest cock which he enjoyed adorning with rings and studs.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

The final Nelson brother, Philip, a stunted, quiet, hairy man only nine months older than Mark, bent down over Ruby to give her a closer look.

Indeed she was still breathing. She panted in shallow, strained breaths, fluid still leaking from her gaping muzzle.

Seized up,” he said. “Aughta put ‘er down.”

Fuck!” Mark said, kicking Elwood again.

The fuck you doin’ farting around down here in the woods with the dog for anyway?” Jacob said, parking his dirt bike and killing the light, casting the whole sordid affair back into pale moonlight.

This faggot was trying to scare up kids with his clown costume. Wanted to teach him a lesson.” Mark said, shoving his hands in his pockets, seeming suddenly pensive about his decision to sic Ruby on Elwood.

Ain’t that the queer boy from down the way?” Carl asked. “Fuck he dressed up for? Ain’t Halloween next week?”

Didn’t… Didn’t do… it.” Elwood managed through the pain in his stomach and ass.

What he say?” Philip asked, still hovering over the prone canine.

You done fucked him up too much, dumb ass. He’s prolly gonna die.” Jacob interjected.

Didn’t do it!” Elwood screamed.

Yeah? Then who did, faggot?” Mark said, pulling back to kick him again.

The clown girl,” Elwood said.

Fuck is he on about, dumb ass?” Jacob asked, walking over to the boys on the ground. The other two brothers joined him, the brothers finally taking an interest in Elwood’s injured body.

Nothin’. Ain’t nobody out here,” Mark said, standing up. He was getting defensive.

You know what’ll happen if you beat this here fag so bad he dies and there’s witnesses?” Carl said, visibly angry. “Wrasltin’s on tonight. I ain’t gonna be out here in these woods all night lookin’ for no fuckin’ clown girl!”

There wasn’t no girl!” Mark said, balling his fists.

Why’s this faggot lyin’ then!” Carl said, spitting on the ground at Mark’s feet.

The two looked like they were about to come to blows when Jacob stepped between them. “What the hell is this?”

He’d spotted the fag jar laying next to Elwood’s head. He knelt down and picked it up, turning it side to side, trying to make out the contents through the cloudy glass.

Th-that’s my…” Mark hesitated. “That’s a cum jar.”

Cum jar?” Carl said, snatching it from Jacob’s huge hand. “Fuck is a cum jar?” He laughed, unscrewing the top.

He and Jacob sniffed the contents and then yanked their heads away as the rotten smell wafted out.

Holy shit! That’s the nastiest shit I ever seen, and I seen some shit!” Carl said, laughing even harder.

You keep all your cum?” Jacob asked, screwing the lid back on to contain the smell. “Why the fuck would you do that?”

Mark looked nervous. He glanced at Elwood and then back to his brothers. He couldn’t tell them he made guys jack him off. That’s why he hadn’t called it his fag jar.

Just somethin’ I do, ok! Fuck you!”

That seemed to be good enough for Jacob, he’d already lost interest, handing the jar back off to Carl who showed it to Philip behind the big man. Jacob’s eyes were focused on Elwood.

Get him up, dumb ass.”

Mark did as he was told. He grabbed the hurt boy by his shoulders and hauled him up to his knees, causing Elwood to shriek in pain.

Jacob smacked a ham-hock of a hand over Elwood’s mouth. “You scream like that again, I’m gonna cut your throat right here right now, understood, faggot?” With his free hand, Jacob reached across his belt and unfastened a boot knife, showing he was more than willing to make good on his threat.

Elwood closed his eyes tight to push away the pain, then nodded the best he could.

Carl and Philip had gone quiet in the back. Now they stood with stupid grins on their face, watching the eldest brother do his thing.

I ain’t gonna ask you but this once, ok?” Jacob grinned. “You tell me where the girl went, or I start cuttin’ shit off real slow like. Understood?”

He took his hand off Elwood’s mouth.

I-I don’t know where… s-she went,” Elwood whined. “I swear!”

The grin faded from the eldest Nelson boy’s face.

Mark slinked an arm around Elwood’s neck, holding him in place.

Elwood stared at Jacob’s knife in horror. He visibly shook while he tried to think through the pain clearly enough to decide what to do next.

Should he just lie and say the clown girl ran off in a particular direction? What if they killed him anyway after he told them? He started to cry when Mark grabbed him around the neck. He didn’t want to die. Not out here in the cold. Not wearing a fucking clown suit.

And then she was there. Just like that. Behind the Nelson boys, near where Ruby lay. The clown girl. Standing just as still, just as haunting as she had before.

Elwood raised a trembling purple gloved hand and pointed.


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She Was Only A Clown Chapter 2

SHE WAS ONLY A CLOWN is a special serialized novella presented in weekly installments every Saturday through Halloween. Click here to read chapter 1.

Chapter 2

Elwood had known Mark since 8th grade. He was just a typical small town redneck like the rest of the idiots Elwood went to school with, but since they lived on the same road, they took the same bus together, and some days they would both wake up too late and miss the bus entirely, instead having to walk to school together.

They were never friends, but Mark had never actively tormented Elwood for being different like the other kids had, either.

And for that, Elwood had always liked Mark, even if he wore Billy Ray Cyrus T shirts and chewed tobacco.

That was until one day, sophomore year in high school when Elwood and Mark walked home from school together. As they got close to him, Mark invited Elwood into his house to smoke some dope.

Elwood had agreed. Mark’s parents and older brothers weren’t home. It was just the two of them alone in Mark’s room. They had indeed smoked a bunch of weed out of Mark’s older brother Daryl’s bong. But that’s not all that happened.

After they were good and stoned, Mark reached up under his mattress and pulled out a stack of men’s magazines.

Elwood had never seen one before. Uncle Jeff had offered to give him his collection along with the horror comics, but Elwood had declined. The truth was, Elwood had never had a sexual thought in his life. He didn’t look at naked bodies with lust. He just saw boring pink flesh. He was totally uninterested in people, naked or otherwise.

But Mark on the other hand, he flipped through the pages with a focus in his eyes that Elwood saved for a particularly gory kill in his comics.

Mark began to breathe heavier as he flipped the pages. “You ever seen tits like that?”

His voice had dropped, his eyes were glazing over. He ran his finger down a spread legged woman’s form, resting on the gigantic, bulging cock jutting up at her shaved vagina.

Mark was rubbing the bulge in his own pants. “Ever seen a cock like that in real life?”

After a second, he glanced at Elwood. He was actually asking. He wanted an answer.

Um, no. I guess not.”

Mark lipped his lips. “Do you want to?” His hand was still rubbing the crotch of his jeans.

Elwood, in fact, didn’t want to. He didn’t want to see Mark’s dick, he didn’t want to look at Mark’s dirty magazines. At that moment, he wanted to be anywhere else in the world other than in the same room with his chew-spitting neighbor.

But Elwood wasn’t a confrontational person. His parents were confrontational. They barked at, and yelled at and made fun of him every time they saw him. It gave him anxiety.

He had anxiety now. His hands began to shake as Mark unbuttoned his pants, not waiting on Elwood to answer.

Is it as big as that one?” Mark asked, awkwardly flopping his cock out over the magazine.

And there it was.

Elwood closed his eyes, steadying himself for what was about to happen next. He felt Mark’s hand grab his, leading it toward the redneck’s plump penis.

Elwood opened his eyes and was surprised to see how much Mark’s dick had grown just from touching it. This fact did not, however, give Elwood any sexual feelings at all. Indeed, his anxiety quadrupled as he ran his hand over the reddish flesh down to the thick, black, wiry pubes at the base of the swollen thing.

He tried to swallow but found his mouth dry. His tongue stuck to the roof of his mouth as Mark grabbed his hand and started moving it back and forth.

Elwood looked up in his face and saw stern concentration as the other kid watched himself get jerked off.

After several awkward moments of this, Mark’s breathing quickened. “Grab that,” he said, rocking his hips back and forth, dry fucking Elwood’s hand in earnest.

Grab what?” Elwood managed in a hoarse voice. He felt like he had stones in his throat.

Fag jar.”


Mark pointed more forcefully at a spot under the nightstand behind them.

Elwood craned his neck around, trying to see what the hell Mark was talking about while still getting his fist fucked.

Mark was huffing loudly now and grabbed Elwood by the wrist, speeding up the jack off.

Elwood finally saw what Mark was talking about. There hidden behind a stack of hunting magazines was a mason jar. There was some kind of dried substance caked all across the rim of the jar. As Elwood reached out to pick it up, he realized what it was.

Mark’s fag jar, as he called it, was full of cum.

Elwood pulled it out of its hiding spot just in time to position it under Mark’s cock before the other boy tensed up and grunted.

Three or four spurts and several more grunts later, Mark had added a considerable amount of semen to his collection.

Why the hell he was collecting his cum, Elwood couldn’t fathom.

But Mark didn’t keep him in the dark about his bizarre fetish for long.

Thanks,” he mumbled, extracting his pudgy cock from Elwood’s cramped hand. He took the jar from Elwood’s other hand and reached across him, putting it back where Elwood had found it.

It’s for fags.”

Ok,” Elwood said, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

When I see a fag, like for real, in real life, I’m gonna make that sick fuck eat all my cum in front of me after I beat his fag ass.”

Elwood didn’t say anything. He was looking at his hand. It was raw and chafed.

You’re not a fag are you?”

No,” Elwood said, meeting Mark’s gaze. He started shaking again.

Mark stared at him for an uncomfortable moment.

Elwood was sure the bigger kid was about to beat him up.

Good. I’m not either. I just–” Mark trailed off, putting his dirty magazine away, buttoning up his pants. “I get excited when I see tits in my jack off books, is all.”

Ok,” Elwood said. “I need to go home.”

Yeah,” Mark said. “See ya.”

Elwood let himself out, hoping that that would be the end of the awful thing he’d just been through. Unfortunately, it was only the start.

Where before, Mark had left Elwood alone when the other kids at school picked on him, now Mark was the loudest aggressor. Often, Mark would catch Elwood as he was just leaving school, making sure to knock him down or punch him in the face before anyone else had a chance to.

There was always a wild, sadistic fire in Mark’s eyes when he attacked, as if he was taking out all of his bottled up, insecure homophobic self loathing on Elwood every chance he got.

To say that Mark made Elwood’s life a living hell would be a gross understatement. In fact, Mark’s terrorism was part of the reason Elwood dropped out of school. Not that Elwood’s absence prevented Mark’s hateful behavior.

For years after the hand job incident, Mark would get drunk with his brothers and ride their dirt bikes onto Elwood’s property, circling his barn, revving their engines, smashing their alcohol bottles and chanting gay slurs until Elwood’s father would run outside with his shotgun firing into the air.

In recent years, Mark’s harassment had abated. In fact, Elwood couldn’t remember the last time he’d had to deal with an attack from Mark.

Until now.


You think this shit’s funny, faggot?” Mark screamed from his yard. He was about to cross the street. He was only wearing a loose pair of grimy white underwear. He was shirtless and wore no shoes. That would be Elwood’s only advantage.

If he had to fight Mark again, he wanted to it to be as far away from Mark’s house as possible in order to avoid the redneck’s brothers or any other white trash losers who might be hanging about.

The costumed clown veered right and trudged into the underbrush which sloped sharply. Another twenty yards and Elwood would be hidden from Service Road K altogether.

Mark’s homophobic slurs grew distant. Elwood felt an enormous sense of relief as he awkwardly navigated the thickening brush that was turning more and more into full fledged woods with each clown shoed step. Maybe he wouldn’t have to fight his psychotic neighbor after all. Maybe he’d lucked out and would be able to make his way back home through the woods and throw away the stupid clown costume.

He shook his head. What a stupid, stupid idea. He should have known better. He should have stayed in the barn where he was safe. Where he didn’t have to deal with any people.

Elwood nodded to himself. Once he got home, he’d abandon the idiotic scary clown idea and read some comic books. He smiled and plodded along toward home.

That’s when he heard the dog.

Back when Elwood had jacked Mark’s dick off, Mark’s German Shepherd Ruby had only been a puppy. Now she was a big, mean, vicious son of a bitch.

Ruby had been responsible for maiming and killing Mr. Keelen’s entire goat herd a few summers back, and all Mark and his brothers did for the poor farmer up the street was slash his truck tires and throw a brick through his front window when Mr. Keelen had threatened to call the Hopp’s county sheriffs if the boys didn’t get rid of the dog.

That was only one of the many atrocities performed by the filthy animal charging for Elwood right now. She’d killed other dogs, stray cats and generally terrorized anyone unlucky enough to walk past the Nelson property anytime she was left outside. Which was damn near all the time.

Why had Elwood allowed himself to walk this far down Service Road K? Again he silently cursed his dumb idea to act like a scary clown.

But he had no time to further lament his carelessness, Ruby would be on him in seconds. Her bark was practically right in Elwood’s ear when he finally stopped against a tree and turned around to face her.

Elwood had never actually seen Ruby close up. He’d heard plenty of stories about her, but now, standing there barring her fangs, barking at the top of her lungs right in Elwood’s face, he could see the battle scars all across her muzzle. Part of her nose was missing, maybe from a fight with another dog, maybe from Mark himself abusing her until she was a crazed monster.

Ok, ok!” He said, putting his big stupid purple hands out in front of him.

The whites of Ruby’s eyes were showing and white foam was building up on the corners of her gigantic mouth. She was ready to tear Elwood apart.

His breath was hot and stank inside of his clown mask. Sweat poured off his face and pooled around his chin and throat. He felt suddenly claustrophobic inside the whole clown getup. He ached to take it off. Take it all off. The mask, the gloves, the stupid fucking shoes.

Speaking had only made Ruby more pissed off. She lunged and snapped at him as he stood trapped against the tree trying to figure out how to get away from the vicious animal. Ruby inched closer and nipped at his puffy clown pants. She was judging her distance, deciding whether or not Elwood was too much of a threat to attack head on. She’d realize any moment that he was just a defenseless dude inside the scary costume and then… Elwood didn’t want to think about what would happen to him next.

That’s when the other clown showed up.


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