TQP 26: Don’t Like the Drug Laws But the Drugs Like Me

On this episode, Maddux covers the story of female wrestlers being forced to cover up on WWE’s recent stopover in Abu Dhabi, goes over his ten favorite books of 2017 and hosts a panel about the damn near useless War on Drugs, whether prescription drugs should be deregulated, marijuana should be legalized or if we should just run naked with pan flutes through Bohemian streets. This panel includes Mad Dodge Productions, Ben Arzate and Cabbage Patch Bastard.

Maddodge Productions:

TQP 24: Boylecon (with Chris Boyle)

The entirety of this episode is dedicated to California Republican Chris Boyle, who has a hard journey ahead as he lives where evil never sleeps. This episode, Maddux talks with Chris about Milo speaking at Cal State Fullerton, the massive arrests that transpired due to protestor misbehavior, his recent protest of the gas tax in California, now the highest in the nation, and finally, they conclude with a fascinating chat about the intrigue of the Roman Empire, America in the 1880’s and the rife possibilities of Alternate History Fiction.

You can find out more about Chris and his projects at:
Twitter: @heychrisboyle

TQP ep 21: Not Another Nazi Podcast…Part 2

Maddux brings you the conclusion to his dialogue with journalist Bryden Proctor from the far reaches of the Alt Right to talk about the Jewish people, National Socialism and try to find middle ground. For better or worse, this is in the spirit of the defiant heroes of legacy talk radio such as William Cooper, Bob Lassiter and Alan Berg. This will most likely be the final show on the Alt Right, at least for a while. We look forward to cultivating more fascinating viewpoints and personalities with exotic backstories.