TQP 36: Jack Sen of South African Resistance Radio & Bipolar Book Report w/ Ben Arzate

The show begins with coverage of the recent decision by South African government to expropriate farmland from white farmers. Jack Sen of South African Resistance Radio talks about his own time spent there and recalls several stories of black on white violence there that will chill your bones and boil your blood.

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In the second hour, Ben Arzate returns for another installment of the Bipolar Book Report to celebrate weird and offbeat literature. Books mentioned include: Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare by Philip Short, Tarantula by Bob Dylan, The Flintstones (DC Comics), The Summer Has Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved by , Utopia X by Scott Wilson, Lesabendio by Paul Scheerbart, Dark Sparklers by Amber Tamblyn, The Planiverse by A.K. Dewdney and Lyfe by Ann Sterzinger.

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Next week: Prof. Jim Fetzer (yes, THAT Jim Fetzer)

TQP 26: Don’t Like the Drug Laws But the Drugs Like Me

On this episode, Maddux covers the story of female wrestlers being forced to cover up on WWE’s recent stopover in Abu Dhabi, goes over his ten favorite books of 2017 and hosts a panel about the damn near useless War on Drugs, whether prescription drugs should be deregulated, marijuana should be legalized or if we should just run naked with pan flutes through Bohemian streets. This panel includes Mad Dodge Productions, Ben Arzate and Cabbage Patch Bastard.

Maddodge Productions:

Jeremy Maddux’s Quiet Place Podcast Episode 1

The Strangeville podcast network is proud to present social commentator and provocateur Jeremy Maddux’s brand new podcast THE QUIET PLACE.

Jeremy Maddux emerges from his self imposed exile from Bizarro but doesn’t plan on staying long. He offers his opinion on Brian Keene’s recent despicable comments about Craig Spector, the cringe factor that has infected a once great genre and strange examples of groupthink. This is not a safe space, but a Quiet Place.