TQP 36: Jack Sen of South African Resistance Radio & Bipolar Book Report w/ Ben Arzate

The show begins with coverage of the recent decision by South African government to expropriate farmland from white farmers. Jack Sen of South African Resistance Radio talks about his own time spent there and recalls several stories of black on white violence there that will chill your bones and boil your blood.

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In the second hour, Ben Arzate returns for another installment of the Bipolar Book Report to celebrate weird and offbeat literature. Books mentioned include: Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare by Philip Short, Tarantula by Bob Dylan, The Flintstones (DC Comics), The Summer Has Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved by , Utopia X by Scott Wilson, Lesabendio by Paul Scheerbart, Dark Sparklers by Amber Tamblyn, The Planiverse by A.K. Dewdney and Lyfe by Ann Sterzinger.

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Next week: Prof. Jim Fetzer (yes, THAT Jim Fetzer)

TQP 33: Bipolar Book Report w/ Ben Arzate

Maddux runs down the outlandish stories populating the news cycle, from the sperm on Obama’s forehead to a dog running for Governor in Kansas.

Following this, Jeremy is joined by author/poet/book reviewer Ben Arzate for the Bipolar Book Report, where they share recent books in their reading queue.

Books covered include: Senlin Ascends, A Man For the Asking, A Journey to Vapor Island, The Coldest Winter Ever, Montauk Project: Experiments in Time and The Black Sun: Montauk’s Nazi-Tibetan Connection. And several others!

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TQP 30: Chewing the Fat with the Cannibal Cop

Gil Valle has been called a lot of things: cop, husband, pervert, monster, cannibal, exonerated. Now, he can add author to this list of handles, some true, some not. In this episode, Gil signs up for a stay in the Quiet Place to talk about the trial of his life, why the other two men charged in his case are still incarcerated, what it was like going from policeman to convict in a day and making the transition to horror author. Maddux turns him onto Edward Lee’s work. Also joining this episode is book reviewer Ben Arzate as a part time co-host.

A new segment debuts in the opening monologue called The Bipolar Book Report, wherein Jeremy runs down his favorite reads of the moment. Expect this to become a regular feature. Books covered this episode include Buds by James Longmore and The Mermaid’s Revenge by Amy Cross

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