The Quiet Place Ep3: Life Is Not A Term Paper

In the opening minutes, Jeremy Maddux decimates the professional online debaters who expect sources for every statement one makes to them. Life is not a term paper.

From there, Maddux quotes from a chat he recently had with Craig Spector about Brian Keene’s antics and what he thinks about them. Quotes provided with permission from Craig Spector.

This isn’t ‘easy listening’, gang. This is ‘Aggro Listening!’

RTS Bonus Ep: Banned From The Horror Show With Brian Keene

Well, gang. This one was hard to record. But it had to be done. In this awkward “special” episode of READING TO STRANGERS I respond to the news that I’ve been publicly banned from THE HORROR SHOW WITH BRIAN KEENE podcast (which I predicted would happen, here.)

Apparently the correct way to prove that censorship and witch hunting isn’t present in your literary community is to witch hunt and censor any voice of dissent.

If you know me at all, then you know I can’t just let something like that hang in the air.

So, reluctantly, I recorded a podcast as my end of what should have been a phone conversation between Brian and I to discuss our differing points of view on publicly calling out authors accused of crimes before they’ve had a chance to go before our justice system (or more often without any attempt to have them arrested at all.)

But instead of calling me on the phone like an adult, Brian chose to do this. So yeah. Here’s my response. Enjoy, I guess.