She Was Only A Clown Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

Mark Nelson froze, both hands gripping the sign post in his neck tight. His shoes sank into the blood soaked grass as he frantically glanced around looking for his brothers. He had to pivot his entire upper body around so as not to disturb the wooden protrusion lodged in his throat. Even as he did so he felt foolish. He’d watched his brothers torn apart and used to rape one another. He’d seen it with his own eyes just ten minute prior. They were goners. Food for the coyotes and other night vermin.

Mark chuckled, the silence of the night unnerving him. He hadn’t heard anything. He was exhausted down to the very marrow of his bones. He staggered onward away from the still growling Ruby, carried forward only by his fear of death at the hands of the demon dog and the knowledge that she’d drag his soul to Hell.

Ain’t nothin’ left out here,” Mark mumbled, making gruesome note that the back of his tongue scraped up against the splinters of wood penetrating his throat when he spoke. “Only damn Ruby and those two clowny fags. Ain’t nothing stoppin’ me from walkin’ on up outta here and back home to tend to this big ole stick in my neck.”

Ruby’s growling turned to barking as Mark neared the tree line. He just needed to scoot a little further. He was sure he could lose her under the cover of darkness under the canopy of branches in the dense wood between where he now stood and the road that lead back to his house.

But just as he turned to run into the woods, his brothers laughed again. Mark let out a cry and stumbled instead of his intended sprint to cover.

Where you off to, Little Marky?”

It was Jacob. Plain as day that was Jacob’s voice.

Mark tried to scream but found his mouth too dry. The voice had come from in front of him. From the shadows just beyond the lighted clearing. Just where he needed to run to get away from Ruby.

This ole party’s just getting’ started, bucko!”

Shambling out of the shadows came a monster. Its body was more or less human with a pair of arms and legs but the mouth on the thing extended nearly down to its belly. Huge bony teeth jutted up and out of its lower jaw. Its long maw bouncing up and down as it spoke.

As it cleared the shadowed area and came into the moonlight, Mark nearly dropped to his knees, only maintaining his bipedal stance for fear of dislodging the sign post.

It wasn’t a monster. Or at least it hadn’t always been. It was Jacob. What Mark had mistaken for a monstrous mouth was Jacob’s entire jaw, chin, neck and throat torn down his front nearly to his belly into one seamless orifice. What Mark had seen as teeth were Jacob’s exposed and broken ribs, deformed where the cum jar had smashed through his body.

No one could have survived those wounds. And indeed Jacob had not. As he stumbled closer, Mark saw the damned blackness in his brother’s eyes. He was demon possessed.

We’re gonna fuck you like we use’ta, little Marky!”

Another voice. This one Carl’s. Only it wasn’t Carl that slithered up out of the darkness. It couldn’t be. The thing had a long thick trunk and a tail. Some kind of reptilian beast come up out of the nearby lake.

But Just as Jacob had revealed himself as a hideous demon caricature of his human self, so too did Carl’s limbless torso make its way into the light. His arms were still gone. The stumps still oozed thick dark blood. But in place of his leg-stumps was one long trunk of flesh starting just under his belly button, ending in a rounded stump. Carl slithered across the dirt like some gigantic slug leaving a viscous trail behind him. Of course this slimy limb was black and pulsed otherworldly emerald just like the demons’ eyes.

We gonna fuck you REAL good!”

Before Mark could even fully register the horrors of his two hell forged brothers’ deformed bodies, a third voice broke the darkness, and out waddled the worst looking brother of all. Philip, who Mark still pictured in his mind’s eye being split up the middle with Carl’s limbless body, waddled out of the shadows as a nightmare crab monster.

He was split all the way up to his chest, but stood upright. His legs and lower halves formed a wide arc like a human archway giving him the appearance of having barely any torso and with legs two or three times the length of normal limbs. Out of the split in his torso dripped bodily fluids, gore and entrails. A meat rain.

Shit, Phil,” Jacob said with his gigantic monster mouth, “You ain’t even got no dick to fuck him with no more! Whatchu gonna do, watch and cheer us on like a faggot?”

Demon Philip got a queer look on his face for a moment, then closed his eyes and concentrated. He strained like he was trying to take a shit, only he no longer possessed any kind of asshole with which to do so.

Then a foot long tentacle slithered out of the peak of the arch around where his lungs should have been. The tentacle curved upward and took on the general shape of a huge penis.

There!” Philip said. “I’ll put a good ole fuckin’ on our little bro now!”

The three demonic rednecks laughed hysterically while Philip pranced around, bobbing his tendril-dick up and down, taunting and humiliating their youngest sibling.

That’s when Mark gripped up the sign post in his neck and made a break for it. Running as fast as the deadly protrusion would allow, he ducked into the woods between the demon Nelson brothers and his dog Ruby.

The pain that pounded through his neck into every single part of his body was unbearable, but unbearable pain was a small price to pay to be free from the insanity of his dead brothers and dead dog murder-raping him all the way to hell.

Unfortunately for Mark Nelson, he hadn’t quite thought through his escape into the dense woods before he’d acted on his plan. Sure, he’d put a few dozen yards between himself and the damnable scene in the clearing, but it wasn’t a minute later that the wide sign post sticking out of his throat whacked its first tree limb.

Even with his death grip on the sign, Mark wasn’t able to stop the post from ripping a fresh hole in his throat when he hit the limb. The force of the blow coupled with the impossible pain sent Mark crashing to the ground. He curled up in the fetal position instantly. His consciousness swam. He nearly passed out from pain, exhaustion, terror, blood loss. The only thing that kept him vaguely awake was the threat of damnation.

I’mma go to church first thing Sunday morning and pray to Jesus to save my soul! This thought gave him just enough hope to stay awake. God, just let me live through this night and I promise I’ll never rape another faggot’s asshole again! I’ll never even bash another stray cat’s head in with rocks!

He felt good about his holy declaration even though he’d never believed in god before today. Seeing demons was plenty enough to fill a man with faith, Jesus and holy hellfire.

He willed himself to stir even as he saw what stood before him. He was sure his brothers had come into the woods after him to rape him straight to hell, but as his swimming vision cleared, he saw the unmistakable sight of… Clown shoes.

Mark sat up, catching his breath as the wave of pain subsided enough that he was able to connect his brain to the visuals in front of his eyes.

A clown stood behind a tree several yards ahead. Its red nose and hair peeking out along with a huge yellow shoe. Its mouth was set in a huge frightening frown against an impossibly long chin and cheek bones. Its eyes, bulging and pointing away from one another were yellowed and streaked with burst blood vessels. It was clearly a mask and yet, Elwood had worn a mask. The monstrous clown girl had worn paint and yet still peeled her human face off as though it were a mask. This mask did not fool Mark Nelson even a single bit. There was a demon inside that goofy clown suit. A demon who meant to suck his soul.

Jesus ain’t gonna let you take me!” Mark said, defiance in his voice as he stood to his feet. He had to hold on to a tree to remain vertical. His legs would give out any second. He simply had no gas left in the tank. Still he shouted at the demon clown. “I got the spirit of the holy ghost running through these—”

That’s when he saw the second clown. And the third. And fourth.


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