RTS 09: Barbarian Month Kick Off Show

READING TO STRANGERS is back for the first week of March and you know what that means, Strangers! It’s Barbarian month! Kevin and Jeremy kick things off by discussing all the current happenings in Strangeville including con prep for Horror Hound Weekend in Cincinnati and the impending book release of Kevin’s new mutant romance novel I DIED IN A BED OF ROSES!

Then the boys kick it right to part 1 of Kevin’s weird lovecraftian sword and sorcery short story JORECK AND THE SHOGGOTH STEEL.

Back from break the two discuss next week’s episode and give a little more insight into the origins of the Joreck character and why Kevin chose to write sword and sorcery to begin with!

Finally they hype up next week’s episode, the FINAL episode before Horror Hound and the final part of JORECK AND THE SHOGGOTH STEEL. We’ll see you next week, gang. Remember, keep reading!