WWS Bonus Monster Squad Episode for Patreon

We’ve got a good one for you this week, Strangers! Kevin and Travis drop some knowledge atom bombs all over the big fat butt of the internet with this special Patreon only bonus episode featuring an in depth look at the filmmakers behind the cult classic THE MONSTER SQUAD.

This is a supplemental episode to our main MONSTER SQUAD episode and is ONLY accessible through Patreon.com/KevinTheStrange with a pledge of at least 1 dollar per month. A small price for such wicked freshness if you ask us!


WWS 02: The Monster Squad

Kev and Trav pick up the torch for cult movies once again as they review the 80s cult classic horror/comedy THE MONSTER SQUAD!

Our cinematic servants delve deep into the brain matter of this beloved kids movie from an era when it was cool for gradeschoolers to drink, smoke, cuss and talk about Wolfman’s nards. Join us, won’t you, as we send up another B-movie masterpiece!

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