WWS 04: Chopping Mall

Take a trip to the mall with us this week, gang! WATCHING WITH STRANGERS returns with its fourth official episode wherein Kevin Strange and Travis, the Encyclopedia Britannica of cult movies review the Jim Wynorski killer robot classic CHOPPING MALL!

Yet again our cinematic heroes manage to talk about a movie for longer than the actual run time of the film as they blow past CHOPPING MALL’s brisk hour and sixteen minute run time by discussing, among other things, Barbara Crampton’s tits and all of the Roger Corman easter eggs lovingly nestled throughout this ultra violent schlock-fest. Join us, won’t you?

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Gang! Keep Watching!

WWS 02: The Monster Squad

Kev and Trav pick up the torch for cult movies once again as they review the 80s cult classic horror/comedy THE MONSTER SQUAD!

Our cinematic servants delve deep into the brain matter of this beloved kids movie from an era when it was cool for gradeschoolers to drink, smoke, cuss and talk about Wolfman’s nards. Join us, won’t you, as we send up another B-movie masterpiece!

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