New Kevin Strange Story “Spiderfuck: an End of Life Memoir” published on the NBAS Blog

Gang! New BizNBAS_2015arro Author Series class of 2015 writer Betty Rocksteady is holding a super cool promotion over at the official NBAS blog. She’s publishing spider romance microfiction for the entire month of July to promote her NBAS book, Arachnophile.

Never one to pass up the opportunity to write weird smut, I sent a little 500 word number called “Spiderfuck: an End of Life Memoir” over there and it was published today along with ten other smutty little spider stories. Check out my new little weird story along with all the rest by clicking right here.

Till next time, gang. Stay STRANGE!

NBAS 2015 Author Scott Cole Joins Strange the World Sunday, February 8th

Gang! We’re back on the air this Sunday, February 8th with my BizarroCon twin brother, Scott Cole from the New Bizarro Author Series class of 2015 and author of SUPER GHOST! Join us LIVE at 7pm CST as we talk about Scott’s goals, his awesome book, and what drove him to pick such a wacky job in the first place. See you Sunday, gang, right here on!